Release day for Life on the Edge

Beware of what you wish for. Drustan wanted more excitement in his life. Elisedd brought him much more than he bargained for.




He held her in his arms still and soon felt the stirrings in his cock. She was a soft and pliant armful, better than he’d expected. He couldn’t for the life of him understand why Aquilas had wanted rid of her. “Is there something here I’m not aware of?” he wondered.

“Aquilas was keen to be rid of you. Why was that?”

“I hated him. He was a cruel, harsh master. He beat me often and wished to share me with his friends.”

“You’re a slave and as such he has the right to do as he pleases!” Drustan said.

“No, I’m not a slave. He took me from my village with promises of marriage and a household. He lied! I’m not a common whore. My father is the headman if the village. Queen Cartimandua trusts the Romans. My father did no more than his queen. Her husband hates them and he is right. I spit on the Romans!”

Drustan looked again at Elisedd. She was very beautiful, but she had the air of one used to command. She didn’t look cowed by her treatment and must indeed have been brave to face the Roman and refuse to do as he asked. Given all that, he couldn’t understand why she had so suddenly changed toward him.

“When first I came to you, you spat at me and cursed me. Later you changed, why was that?”

“You’re a Briton too. I thought at first you were a Roman. You wear their uniform and speak their tongue. Then you spoke my tongue and when I thought about it I realized you were no Roman. If I’m to be the leman of any man, better it be a Briton than one of the accursed Romans.”

“Better you aren’t heard saying that!” he said firmly.




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