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Cairgorm Dragons series. Competition question at the end of the post…

Muse? Do I have a muse? Not in the sense of a person or presence that inspires me. This series however did come about in a rather odd way. I was on holiday in Moray with my son and his family. We visited the Loch Ness museum, and then on the way home he stopped the car and I got out to take pictures of the Loch. A tune was in my head. “There is a Monster in Loch Ness the fact ye Cannae hide.” It’s an old Andy Stewart song, and as I stood on the banks of the loch and looked at the deep water, an idea came to me. Suppose there was something to the legend? I have always loved dragons and suddenly the idea of dragon shape-shifters was in my brain. I got back in the car pulled out my notebook and wrote the idea down. The rest of that holiday I wrote at every available opportunity. By the time I got home it was almost done. Then a character I had used as a Red herring in book one came into my head with his own story, so I wrote that.

There were only to be two books but the characters had other ideas and “Land of Ice and Snow” was soon being written. That was definitely the end. Then this year I went on holiday to almost the same place and the back story to a set of secondary characters came to me. As I am writing this now I don’t want to give too much away but I did have an idea of where the plot was going until I began to write it down, and one of the characters had other ideas.

Muse then? Do I have one? I would still say no. I have ideas for characters and when they are formed in my head they behave in certain ways and get themselves into situations… muse? well maybe.. you decide .

Dragon's Mate first of the Dragons of the Cairngorms
Dragon’s Mate first of the Dragons of the Cairngorms

Braemuir is the chieftain of the Clan and a shape-shifter. He must find a mate and impregnate her before the Gathering of the Clan at the Summer Solstice if he is to stave off a challenge for the leadership.

An unknown black dragon and his mate are trying to get rid of Braemuir in order to keep the Clan treasure for themselves. When Eilidh NicDhoughal mates with Braemuir, she becomes able to shape-shift, too, but being Braemuir’s mate puts a target on her back—and if one of a mated pair dies, the other will die, too.

As Braemuir struggles to keep Eilidh safe from the black dragon’s attempts to dispose of them, a battle ensues amongst the dragons. Just when the identity of the black dragon is finally discovered, Braemuir gets another shock that will change his world forever.

Ness's Bane

When Muireall, a dragon shape-shifter, is pursued by Ness, she tries to deny her attraction to him and refuses to agree to be his mate. But Ness won’t take no for an answer, and she finally gives in to his charms.

When they return to Darroch Keep on Loch Ness, trouble awaits in the form of Macbethad, who wants to be Clan chieftain. In an attempt to dispose of Ness, Macbethad decides to kidnap Muireall but is foiled, and a battle in the loch ensues.

Amidst the chaos, several of the Clan’s women have lost their babies. Ness, fearing for Muireall’s health, is not allowing her to become pregnant, so Muireall has to take drastic action.


Lachlann of Braemuir is having no luck finding a mate. His mother tells him of the legend that a Braemuir will go to the Land of Ice and Snow to find his bride. Lachlann decides to try his luck.

Sigourney Hillesland, banished because she won’t accept just any mate, is found by Lachlann, who recognises her as his mate. They make love in human-form, but before he can claim her officially, he’s challenged to go and find the brides’ golden torc. He gets the torc and brings back the old dragon who was guarding it. He is Hamish Munroe and has lost his mate, Mairi, not knowing that if she were dead he’d die too.

After Lachlann and Sigourney’s wedding in Alesund they go to Scotland to search for Hamish’s mate. But when the dragon mating takes place, will it be all that Lachlann promised Sigourney it would be?

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Not shape shifters but three winged beings trying to work out a life together amist danger and opposition. Muse? Well some kind reader sent me a picture on Face book

Winged Angelwhen I saw it I knew he had a story I wanted to tell so I wrote Angel in Hell.



Where was I when the idea for the Cairgorm Dragon series came to me?

leave the comment here or clairdelune4542@yahoo. co. uk  with DRAGON COMPETITION  in the subject line. You could win a mouse mat and a set of signed cover photos. If you live in the UK and would prefer a mug to the mouse mat then I will send you one. Sorry I can’t send a mug to anywhere but the UK.

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