Prometheus in Chains is a BDSM club in Sheffield in the North of England. It is named after the part owner Prometheus. That is not his real name and you will have to wait until a later story to find out what his real name is.

The first book is called  Initiation.   Jane is a widow and is persuaded to go to the club to see if she likes it. She does not expect to find love in the person of Angus, or the hostility she encounters from one of the members.

2 Responses to Initiation

  1. Marie Brown says:

    I finished this book earlier and i really enjoyed it! I So loved the style of writing and really connected well with the characters. I also liked the BDSM elements and didnt think it was too much or even scary. It actually made me more curious and i will definitely be checking out the other books in this series! Awesome job! I give it a easy 4 and a half stars!


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