Interview with Master Rafael

Clair : Good afternoon Master Rafael. Please come in and sit down.

Rafael : Good afternoon Clair. I am delighted to be here.

Clair : Can I offer you something to drink? Some tea or something stronger?

Rafael : No tea thank you but I’d like some coffee. I see you have a Tassimo, so maybe a caramel latte?

Clair : Yes, please sit down. Would you like some cake?

Rafael : Is that chocolate orange marble cake? Then I’d love a piece please. This is one of the pleasures of living in England. The cake, pastries and biscuits are superb and I do have a bit of a sweet tooth.

Clair : Have you lived in England long?

Rafael : Yes I have lived here for twenty years.

Clair : Can I say how sorry I was to hear of the accident that took Johann and Thyme from you?

Rafael : Thank you that’s so kind of you but maybe I ought not to say that as it was your plot that called for the accident.

Clair : Er… um… yes that’s one way of looking at it.

Rafael : Well you did make up for it later.

Clair : That’s a relief. What attracted you to Heather when you first saw her?

Rafael : She had the most amazing, huge, frightened eyes. She was so afraid of what was going to happen to her. When she looked at me it was as if I’d known her forever.

Clair : A coup de foudre then?

Rafael : Yes, as usual the French have a word for it or in this case, a phrase.

Clair : Did Jess have the same effect on you?

Rafael : I was attracted to him at once, but not in the same way as to Heather. Obviously he was not happy and he was trying manfully to hide it.

Clair : He didn’t succeed with you?

Rafael : No, not entirely. I knew he was hiding some thing but I didn’t find out what it was until later.

Clair : So why did you leave them?

Rafael : With all that happened with Johann and Thyme I wasn’t looking for any more entanglements. I didn’t trust myself to protect them from harm as I wasn’t able to do with Johann and Thyme. I didn’t want to expose myself to such pain again.

Clair : Yes, that makes sense to me. You changed your mind though?

Rafael : I’m sure you don’t want me to reveal too much Clair, but yes, I did change my mind.

Clair : Was it an easy decision?

Rafael : No it wasn’t. Had it not been for Catriona, who knows what would have happened?

Clair : Oh yes. Catriona will always go straight to the heart of the matter.

Rafael : Yes she’s a formidable Domme. Odd as it is I get the feeling that Angel is not your ordinary submissive.

Clair : Is that so? What has he done to make you think that?

Rafael : Nothing specific. He’s the perfect sub in Prometheus in Chains but when he kisses Catriona he takes over and she is more than happy to let him.

Clair : Ah so it’s obvious?

Rafael : Yes, Clair it is. Didn’t you mean it to be?

Clair : Yes and no. I left enough hints, then I sat back to wait and see what my readers picked up.

Rafael : Hmm.

Clair : You haven’t told us anything about yourself yet.

Rafael : Very well. I am Spanish. I come from Seville and I have Gypsy blood in my veins.

Clair : How did you end up in Sheffield.

Rafael : There are few ways for a poor boy with a basic education to get on. I had no desire to fight bulls or play football. I can dance and sing Flamenco passable well but I will never be one of the greats. That left the catering professions. I found I liked being a waiter. Nowhere is the art of waiting on tables more developed than in Spain.

Clair : So you became good at it?

Rafael : Yes I progressed to five star hotels and eventually I decided I’d like to see more of the world. I travelled to France and then to England.

Clair : When did you discover a taste for BDSM?

Rafael : Many years ago. I was pleasantly surprised to find good clubs in Sheffield.

Clair : Is that where you met Prometheus?

Rafael : Yes. I was working in Davy Jones’s Locker at the same time as him and I met Angus there too.

Clair : Quite a few of the Doms in Prometheus in Chains met in Davy Jones’s Locker.

Rafael : Yes, Davy is quite a character. He rules the club with a rod of iron, but he needs to as his clientele is neither so rich nor so exclusive as Prometheus in Chains’

Clair : So you are saying that Prometheus is soft?

Rafael : No indeed he isn’t. InPrometheus’s case the steel is encased in a velvet glove. Davy’s is not hidden at all.

Clair : Davy sounds an interesting character.

Rafael : Get him to tell you his story, Clair.

Clair : I might just do that. Your story is released on October 23rd. I know you were not so keen on the cloak and mask, but I have to say you looked very good in it.

Rafael : Carry on like that and you will make me blush, cariño.

Clair : And you an experienced Dom!

Rafael : I am.

Clair : What do you see in your future?

Rafael : It’s early days for our family yet, but Heather is dropping hints.

Clair : Ooooh babies. I love babies.

Rafael : Well maybe there will be babies but not just yet. We have to get used to living together first.

Clair : No doubt if Heather wants. Heather will get.

Rafael : The power of the submissive? Yes.

Clair : Yes indeed.

Rafael : Now I must leave you.

Clair ; Thank you  so much for talking to me today.

Rafael ; The pleasure is all mine Clair. Allow me to kiss your hand.

Clair : I hope we shall meet again soon

Rafael : As usual, it’s all in your hands, cariño.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

After the tragic loss of his subs, Master Rafael blames himself for not preventing the tragedy. When he discovers some of their secrets he is determined to guard his heart against more hurt. Reluctantly he participates in the sub auction, where Jess and Heather start to get under his guard. After a night of passion he leaves them, fearing he will let them down, too. Heather has fallen for him and is devastated, and Jess blames himself for her distress. He seeks pain to atone for his guilt, but falls into the hands of a sadistic Dom. Will Master Rafael get to him before it’s too late?

Mistress Catriona decides to take a hand, and points out a few home truths. Will Rafael hold out against the determined efforts of two subs and a Domme with his best interests at heart?



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