Life on the Edge

Here is a little snippet….

“I have bought you and I’m going to fuck you with or without your cooperation. It will be better for you if you don’t resist,” he said to her, but she spat at him. “May the gods strike you blind. May your cock shrivel and drop off!” “I very much doubt any of that will happen. I have no patience and I’m going to fuck you, so make up your mind to that.” He turned away to take off his shirt to place it on the chair. He heard the girl gasp. Her curses and railing stopped. Confused by the sudden silence, he turned, and looked at her in the flickering rush-lights. All the fight had gone out of her. She gazed at him in stunned amazement, out of huge eyes with violet smudges under them. Something had changed, but what? “What is it?” She shook her head and refused to speak further. He went over and, on an impulse, released the chains.” I won’t chain you while while I’m with you unless you give me cause. Do you understand?” “Yes, lord, I do.” Very well. Then strip and quickly.” She took off her clothes and stood waiting in the lamp light.


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Born in South Yorkshire, now retired and recently taken to writing novels. I am married with a grown up family and four beautiful grandchildren. I love Heavy Metal and play it loudly around the house. I love sewing and reading and hate ironing and gardening. I swim twice a week and spend some hours of every day writing
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