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Last night I got a message from Facebook saying that, as my Timeline had been used to promote my books, it was a business and had to be changed to a fan page or similar. I was unable to access my Timeline or contact FB, so in the end I allowed it. I had no choice.  I then tried to change it back, but they require official ID which I do not have for my pen name. I was unable to PM friends or readers but luckily a good friend posted the message on his Timeline. I know of two people who were very hurt and upset because they thought I had blocked them. Unforgivable of FB. I do hope there are no more. I have not blocked anyone at all.

I tried for hours last night to contact FB. There is no appeal as I consented to the change (catch 22) They will NOT answer emails so I have had no choice but to create a new ID, I can only hope that this reaches all my friends and readers. Please ask to friend me as I have no wish to spend time in FB jail for requesting people to friend me who then click that they do NOT know me outside of FB.

I have had help from so many of my friends and I want to thank you for making this horrible experience more bearable. 

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Born in South Yorkshire, now retired and recently taken to writing novels. I am married with a grown up family and four beautiful grandchildren. I love Heavy Metal and play it loudly around the house. I love sewing and reading and hate ironing and gardening. I swim twice a week and spend some hours of every day writing
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