Release Day for Lucifer’s Errant Sub no2 in the Blood Red Rose Club series


Who makes Devil run for his life? He throws himself in the river to escape the dogs and is washed up half-drowned. Count Lucius Vladimir Dragovi, known as Lucifer, finds him and nurses him back to health. In the process they fall in love. But a misunderstanding has Devil on the run again. He’s befriended by a circus owner, but later, when Devil learns where the next halt will be, he is forced to leave. Lucifer reaches the circus too late.

Devil heads for the coast and Britain, but he has no money or papers. He’s taken across the Channel hidden in a lorry, and then he has to work to pay off his debt, discovering in the process what he wants and whom he truly loves. He works in a sewing factory until the police raid it. Devil is reunited with Lucifer who has organised the rescue. Lucifer introduces Devil to the BDSM lifestyle and the Blood Red Rose club where they find their happily ever after.

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