November 2015

Clair's Clan welcomes Steven James

Steven James: Shibari and Emotional Connection   SHIBARI AND EMOTIONAL CONNECTION: Steven James·Tuesday, 13 October 2015 There are many forms of emotional connection associated with the practice of Shibari. Many […]

Update on Master 'K'

A little group I helped to organize had it’s fall event this past Sunday. The group tries to create presentations that present traditional Japanese cultural activities with demonstrations of Kinbaku life drawing […]

Release Day for Masters to the Rescue.

Come and join me tonight t o celebrate the release of Prometheus in Chains #13 blurb When the cat’s away the mouse will play. But when the cat is a […]

Clair's Clan welcomes Ginger Ring

I am very happy to welcome a friend from Facebook, Ginger Ring is here to talk about her new release. First let’s find out a little more about her. 1. […]

Facebook have blocked me temporarily from advertising my party on their precious site, for going too fast????? This is my second party of the year!!  How long for? They won’t […]

Clair's Clan welcomes Natalie Alder

Please welcome Natalie to tell us about her third release….. 1. Will you tell us a little about yourself? I’m Natalie Alder, a sassy 40-something year old. I live in […]