January 2014

471 likes for my Clair de Lune author page… almost at 500 and the second goodie bag and spot prize for the 500th Like. Thank you to all who liked […]

  Clair : Salve Drustan! Drustan : Salve  Clair! I am glad to meet you. Clair : Thank you for agreeing to meet me. I know you are a busy […]

If you like my page on Facebook PLEASE leave a message with your name so I can enter you into the draw. If you have liked and not left your […]

    It’s cold outside. Curl up under your blanket in front of the fire and lose yourself in the world of Arielle and his subs. Who is he and […]

Clair's Clan welcomes E. A. Reynolds

    My special guest today is a friend and talented author, please welcome E.A. Reynolds .   Why did you start to write? In high school my English teacher […]

Who is Drustan? He thinks he’s just another Roman auxiliary, and Elisedd is happy to keep him in ignorance so as not to lose him. Fate comes calling, but will […]