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My special guest today is a friend and talented author, please welcome E.A. Reynolds .


Why did you start to write? In high school my English teacher was also over the school paper and she wanted fresh material and didn’t have enough writers, so she made the AP, advanced placement, class write articles on subjects of our choice and she chose the ones she liked. I got two of my papers turned into articles and I thought I could learn to like this writing stuff.

Have you always longed to write a book or was there a trigger? I learned to enjoy writing in high school, but it was my freshman year in college that I realized I wanted to write books not news stories.

What sort of books do you write? I write paranormal fiction mostly, but I do some contemporary romance and a little bit of romantic suspense. So far I’ve only written in the MM genre, but I’m hoping to make a change to some MF this year.

How autobiographical are your stories? I would say my stories are maybe ten percent autobiographical on a given day. I admit I’ve written a few omega men with bits of my hot temper. The most recent one is Avery from Vanilla Beguiled.

Which author or authors have influenced you and why? Lora Leigh writes the best sex hands down, so I want my sex scenes to be that hot. She also writes the most dominant men romance which creates a sexy sort friction between the heroine and hero. Nalini Singh does great emotional scenes and sex strong shifters. But as I read more books by Siren authors, I find the ladies and gents have something to teach me too.

If you could have only one book which would it be and why? I’d start crying real tears to start if someone told me that. Then, I’d grab Pride and Prejudice.  I had to read it in high school and fell in love with it. Lizzy is witty and funny yet flawed. The story is timeless romance.

(I have so many copies of this book I have lost count. I agree if I could only have one this would be my choice too.  :)   )

How do you get yourself in the mood for writing? Honestly, I wake up in the mood most days, but when I don’t I read or listen to music that I love or I brainstorm. Reading is the common because just diving into a good or even a bad story makes me want to write.

Where do you live? Tell us what you like about your town or city? I live in South, USA in a city called Shreveport. There are interesting events here during the spring and summer. I love the springs here because the weather is perfect. I love the friendly people too. You can strike up a conversation with a stranger almost anywhere and it’s like talking to a friend.

Ever had writer’s block and did you cope? Writer’s block has been an intruder in my life. I cope with it by putting the story away and doing chores as well as things I love like cooking and spending time with family.  Sometimes I go out and people watch or read.

What is the strangest place you’ve ever written? The bathroom. I keep a pad and pen in the vanity in case some idea hits me hard.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be and why? I don’t know. I love my country and I don’t want to live anywhere else. I admit I’m ethnocentric.

What’s your pet hate? *laughs* Too much loud noise and people smacking when they eat.

Which fictional character do you wish you’d created? I read a lot of romance and paranormal stories. I love Harry Dresden.  The character is so male and that quirky sense of humor makes me laugh and roll my eyes.

A place you’ve always wanted to visit? I’ve always wanted to visit France. It seems like a place with lots of old buildings to look and take pictures of while envisioning romantic and suspenseful stories to write. Course I’d pick up some bread and cheese for my tool around town.

Favorite meal? Hmm. I’d have to say a homemade burger with all fixings and onion rings with a shake. I’m not so great at shake making, but I do a good burger.

Best place to take a first date? *sighs* I’d say it depends on the nature of the couple involved. I prefer a dinner or lunch date and keep simple. Nothing fancy because it’s hard to relax all dressed up when you don’t know the person.

What’s the most memorable moment in my life? I don’t know. Of the last five years of my life, I’d have to say getting my first book published.

My most embarrassing moment? *laughs and shakes head* Oh yeah I remember it well. I was nine years old parading around in cute little scandals in a dress. I slipped on a slippery floor while carrying my lunch tray and well—I was wearing a dress. I’ve never worn a dress since. I bet I was ten shades of red that day.

My favorite room in my home? Well, I finally got my living room back. A family was living with me and mom for a while. That’s my writing cave. It’s a nice and feels so warm and cozy. I get good light and I can see out into the neighborhood when I feel like looking out. I can relax on the couch with my MP3 player or my Kindle. It’s heaven.

TV program I never miss? Once upon a time, I was a huge TV buff. Now I’m a Bones and Criminal Minds fan, but I don’t catch them in first run. I always get the re-run. I’m early to rise and early to bed most nights so everything comes on too late for me.


Blurb for Delicious Surprise: Koji rejects his Interracial Heat match because he’s black, but a chance meeting brings Koji together with Jamal again.




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