Something extra special today… An Interview with Eric Swann from Sub-Dominant.

Here is the interview Jane Scott from the Prometheus in Chains series had with Eric Swann from Sub-Dominant

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Jane : Good afternoon Eric, nice to see you again today. This is Clair. Will you have a cup of tea or coffee before we start? I have chocolate orange cake or lemon drizzle cake if you’d like a piece?

Eric: Hello Jane, thank you for inviting me for a chat today. It was very nice to meet you at Prometheus in Chains yesterday on our trip to bonny Scotland. Coffee and chocolate cake would be fantastic, thank you. Hello Clair, it’s lovely to meet you too. Thank you for welcoming us to your clan.
Jane : So what was your first spanking session with Connor like?
Eric: Oh, haha, you’re not shy, are you? *chuckles* I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that you’re asking after watching our little scene at the club last night. It was…interesting. The experience turned me on far more than I thought it would. I hadn’t tried erotic spankings before that time, and Connor tricked me into it – in a BDSM club, on stage, of all places! At first I was afraid of hurting him, but Master Serge, the Dom in charge of the scene, was very good. He instructed me and that helped me overcome my concerns.


Eric: I was flipping mad at him! I think that’s part of the reason I did it. I was so mad at the little brat that spanking his arse felt like the right thing to do at the time.

Jane: I bet he enjoyed it and you too.  Did you ever take Master Serge up on his offer of classes?
Eric : I didn’t. Con left shortly afterwards, and then I wasn’t seeing anyone interested in kink for years.
Jane: That’s a pity. Tell us a little more about your childhood and the way it’s affected you.
Eric : Ah, my childhood… It’s still a difficult topic for me to talk about, so forgive me if I’m keeping it short. My stepfather wasn’t a particularly nice guy. He demanded obedience and never hesitated to show us when he wasn’t pleased. He drank too much and would hit Mum when she crossed him. As I grew older, I tried to stop him from hitting her and I begged Mum to leave him, but it wasn’t until he beat her into hospital one night that she filed for divorce.
Jane: That’s horrible and not that uncommon these days. How did your parents react when you told them you were gay?
Eric: Mum wasn’t too bothered when I told her. She’s always been fairly open-minded and said she’d suspected it, because I never mentioned any girlfriends. My stepfather still hasn’t got a clue, but I don’t think he’d approve
Jane:  Have you tried recently to contact your brother, or do you intend to?
Eric: We talk on the phone about once a month and we meet on special occasions like Mum’s birthday.
Jane: Why are you so afraid of your dominant side? Is there something in your past that you regret?
Eric: No, there’s nothing I regret. I was just carrying a lot of anger within me and for years I thought that once I allowed that to get out, I would become like my stepfather, blindly lashing out at people who trust me and love me. I feel more in control of my anger and my dominant side now and I know that a kinky scene doesn’t make me an abusive arsehole – sorry.
Jane: No worries, Eric. I’ve never been mealy-mouthed. How did you cope in those five years after Connor left? Did you miss him, want him, need him, or was it a relief to be rid of the complication?
Eric: All of the above. At first I was mad at him for running away like that, I was disappointed and hurt. For quite some time I told myself it was for the best and that it would never have worked out anyway, but then he was back and so were all those feelings for him. Maybe it was good this way though. I think he was too young for a serious relationship when we met, and I definitely had to lose him to realise what I’d be missing without him.
Jane:  Before you knew about Tyler, what did you think was going to happen when you met Connor again?
Eric: I wasn’t really thinking about anything beyond the next couple of minutes at that time. Meeting Connor again, in that situation, completely overwhelmed me. I was acting on autopilot the first couple of minutes, just doing what I figured was the right thing to do for an old acquaintance. I think I was hoping to get some explanations out of him – and maybe, just maybe, I would have liked some sort of payback. After that, well, you’ve met Connor. He switched on his charm and I was lost.

Jane: Yes, he’s a charmer and I bet he’s impossible to resist if he directs those eyes at you. How do you feel about Francis’s assessment of you as subdominant and how far do you agree with it?
Eric: I think he’s right. Let’s face it, Francis is bloody good at his job and I’m not surprised that he’d figured me out before I had. But one thing I’ve learnt from Connor is we shouldn’t be too concerned about labels.

Jane: Thank you for answering my questions, Eric. It was good to meet you, Connor and Tyler. I hope you will call in again when next you venture up north.

Eric: Thank you for the chat, Jane and Clair. I’ve had a great time here at Clair’s Clan and I look forward to meeting more of your friends tomorrow, Jane.

Jane: We’ve enjoyed having you in Prometheus in Chains. I believe Masters Llewellyn and Torquil have something particularly interesting lined up for tomorrow.


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  1. Thank you so much for the character interview! They are some of my favorite things to read.


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