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Steven James: Shibari and Emotional Connection

 Steven Shibari
Steven James·Tuesday, 13 October 2015

There are many forms of emotional connection associated with the practice of Shibari. Many people regard the connections created within bondage as exclusively sexual or erotic, or as some form of Dominant/submissive practice.
This is not entirely accurate.
There can be no denying that Shibari can be an extremely powerful erotic practice for intimately bonded couples, or constellations. It often forms a component of their intimate lives and Sacred Sexual rituals.
But there are other paths…Shibari does not automatically lead to sexual activity. This is a misconception that I feel many people possess. I believe this belief prevents many from trying Shibari as the one in the ropes, even though the beauty and obvious powerful energy of the practice attracts them greatly.
In my considerable experience the majority of connections formed within Shibari are not based around so-called traditional sexual or erotic activities. Nor even those considered a dominant/submissive exchange of energy. Shibari offers a far wider choice aside from the narrow pursuit of base energies.
With patience, a powerful connective energy can develop between two (or more) people by gradually building simple trust. Once this trust is earned mutual surrender is possible. This often opens the doorway to a sensual, yet often non-physically rapport to form. We can become acutely energetically aware of a partners, ourselves and where the two intersect. Within this emotionally energised field each can explore their inner world, while sharing the experience, and the gift of surrender to the now with the other.
Create and develop such connections regularly, and amazing energies can result. Feelings of absolute trust, safety and personal surrender come into play for the one in the ropes. While the one tying can develop a deep empathy for their partner, and a strong need to nurture and protect emerge.
This form of connection can reach into the spiritual realm and become extremely powerful and richly rewarding.
© 2015 Steven James (DasFalke)

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