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Masters to the Rescue…. Prometheus in Chains #13

When the cat’s away the mouse will play. But when the cat is a Dom, the mouse better have an excellent reason for her deception.
Master Angus is absent on business, but he knows his sub, Jane is hiding something from him. He comes home early to discover what it is and he finds himself faced with a problem. He finds a unique and satisfying solution with the help of his friends in Prometheus in Chains.
Jane Scott thinks it’s better to keep her secret than to worry her Master while he’s away. She’s bent on helping her friend Jaimie Wright sort his life out but forgets the price to be paid by an errant sub.


Read through to the end of the excerpt to find the answer to the question…

Two days later Jane went the club with Master Angus. He was to attend the weekly Doms’ meeting and she was looking forward to the subs’ tea. She sat and greeted friends and chatted to Jaimie for a while. She had an odd feeling that someone was looking at her but when she looked about her she couldn’t identify who it was. She shook her head and decided she was imagining things. Another sub came over and claimed Jaimie, wanting him to join a discussion with a few more of Llewellyn’s trainees and Jane was left by herself on the sofa. She picked up her cup and was enjoying her tea when a young sub sat down beside her.
“Hello, Jane. I’m Gillian. I don’t think we’ve met properly before,” she began.
“No, we haven’t but I’ve seen you in Master Llewellyn’s group. Are you enjoying the training?”
“Oh yes. I always wanted to try the lifestyle and this club is something special isn’t it?”
“Yes, it is. I came here with no knowledge of BDSM at all, and I found my perfect Dom,” Jane replied. Gillian looked at her oddly.
“Master Angus is your Dom isn’t he? Are you in an open relationship, then?”
“Master Angus is my husband and my Dom.”
“Oh. Then I must be mistaken. I’ll say no more.”
“What do you mean? You can hardly say what you have done and leave it there.”
“Well, if you’re sure you want to know?”
“Want to know what? Tell me what you mean and stop talking in riddles.” Jane was getting angry with this silly little sub.
“I was in Davy Jones’s Locker last night and I thought I saw him there with another woman, but if you don’t have an open relationship I must be mistaken.”
Jane’s ears buzzed as her blood pounded in her veins. I have to keep calm. I will not let this little bitch see how she’s affected me. A deep breath will calm me.
“Certainly you must be mistaken,” Jane said in a tone that would have frozen water. Gillian just looked smug but she got up and moved away. Jane sat still trying to calm herself down. She wanted to get up and run away, but she couldn’t do that. There was no way she’d let that little cat see how she’d hurt her. I have to stay for another half an hour or so. In any case I doubt my legs would hold me right now. So he is seeing someone else. All these weeks of working late one evening a week have been lies. I would never have believed him capable of that, but what does she have to gain by lying to me?
She was conscious that several people came up to her and she replied to their inquiries, but she was on auto-pilot and didn’t really know or care what she said. After half an hour she got up, gathered her things, and went out to reception. Linda was on duty.
“Can you get me a taxi please, Linda?”
“Aren’t you going home with Master Angus, love?”
“No, he’ll be ages yet, and I have the most awful headache.”
“Okay. Poor love. Feel better. A nice lie down and a cup of tea, will do the trick.” Linda picked up the ‘phone and in ten minutes the taxi was at the door. AA Cabs wasn’t a name that Jane was familiar with but she knew they’d have been vetted by Master Eric so had no hesitation in getting into the cab. The man took her home and she asked him to wait, and then she quickly packed a bag. She took a last look around the home she’d helped create and in which she’d been so very happy. She wrote a note and left it on their bed.
“I won’t stay and get in the way of your happiness. I know you need that younger sub, someone in better health, who can share every aspect of your life. Be happy, Master, tha gaol acam ort. Jane.” And she did indeed love him, and would always love him, but he needed more than she was able to give him now.

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  1. Love the teaser and I’m a big fan of Doms and subs. Now I’m wondering what’s next


    1. Good, that was the intention 😉


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