Caught on the Rebound….. and the winners are…….

In the best tradition of TV competitions you now have to wait at least three minutes before scrolling down………..






Thanks to FB’s being so slow and kicking people off I wasn’t able to organise the competitions I wanted to. Therefore I did draws and will send the following winners their prizes …

  1. Jaimie and Niall. The winners with most votes are posted above and I agree with the result. I’d love to use Matt Bomer but he’s been used by a very dear friend in a series of books, so I really can’t. The winner is Caron Kruper Woods. A signed copy of one of my books is the prize. I will pm you to tell you which ones are available.
  2. The signed calendar of Red is for Fire goes to La Sonrisa.
  3. The ebook of Caught on the Rebound goes to Ny Rogers

Congratulations to you all and thank you for making the release day party so much fun.

There will be another one for the next release and I look forward to seeing you there.



  1. Whoop whoop . Congtatulations to the winners . I know you will all love the fab prizes you have won from Clair de Lune Xxx


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