Clair’s Clan : Grimm Nitemarez



My guest today is a friend and reader. Welcome to Clair’s Clan, we look forward to finding out more about you.

1.Tell us a little about yourself, you can include a picture if you wish

I don’t really like pictures of myself, so I don’t feel comfortable sharing one with you. However, I am a young male. I have a life mate, but I haven’t had the courage to ask her to marry me yet. We have three children together, and I think I am without question, the luckiest male alive.

2.Where do you live?

I mostly live in my mind with a few trips to the real world to make enough money to survive. I like that I live in a small town that has almost a personality. It’s mostly dull and a little backward, but it’s a personality.

3.Where would you like to live?

I have always wanted to live in Ireland in a castle. I love the beautiful surroundings and I really do need a lot of space to roam.

4. What do you do in your spare time?

I love to read in my spare time. I’m not very fond of non fiction. I have enough real life problems without reading and taking in other people’s.

5. What sort of books do you prefer?

I like almost any kind of fiction story. I am willing to suspend logic and the laws of the natural universe in order to support a story line.

6.If you could only have one book, which would it be?

If I could only have one book, I would want a book of fairy tales. I have never read a book of fairy tales and not been able to imagine a thousand different ways each tale could have gone.

7.Who would you like to be?

I would like to be Batman. To be cool, strong, powerful and rich is every guy’s ultimate goal.

8.What’s your pet hate?

My pet hate is people who are mean to others for no reason. Remember if you don’t want it done to you, don’t do it to anyone.

9.Who do you admire?

I admire people who care about others and do what they can to help.

10.Favourite time of the year?

My favorite time of the year is summer. I love being able to go on vacation and not have to adhere to a schedule.


1.A place you have always wanted to visit.

New York, New York.

2. Favourite food

Steak and lobster.

3.Best place to take a first time date?

Park for lunch

4.Most memorable moment

The birth of my children.

5. Most embarrassing moment

I don’t really remember ever being embarrassed, but if it happens, I will share.

6.Favourite room in the house

My favorite room in the house is the kitchen. It’s where they keep the food.

7.TV  programme you can’t miss

I rarely watch television. There is nothing on that I can’t miss.

8.Who would you love to meet

I would love to meet my father when he was a teenager. I think he might have been fun to hang out with.


I never walk under ladders or let rabbits cross my path.

10.Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day

I celebrate any holidays that my mate thinks are important. If she doesn’t care, I don’t.

Thank you for answering my questions so fully.

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