Master “K” does it again…

I got the most wonderful surprise in the post today. Master “K” sent me a copy of the updated version of his book. He also sent the following information…..

BeautyofKinbakuRev2ndEdfrontcover - small(1)
King Cat Ink is proud to announce that the 2015 completely revised and updated, soft cover edition of Master K’s famous work “The Beauty of Kinbaku (or everything you ever wanted to know about Japanese erotic bondage when you suddenly realized you didn’t speak Japanese)” has now been released at a price of $39.99 US. It’s now available at the publisher’s web site ( and at Amazon, worldwide.

This new edition is based on the highly regarded 2013 Japanese language edition. Included in this large format, soft-cover volume are chapters covering:
• The origins and history of Kinbaku-from ancient times to the present day.
• Its evolution as an art form, from medieval martial art to modern eroticism.
• Thirty biographies of the most famous & accomplished artists in Kinbaku history.
• Over 80 rare, historical illustrations and photographs, many unique to this edition.
• A new photo gallery for the Second Edition with 50 beautiful photographs of ties by shibari artist and teacher Master “K,” most published here for the first time!
• An extensive and expanded glossary for the Second Edition that describes and defines all of the classic and current kinbaku ties and terms.
• A clearly illustrated “How-to” section showing you how to complete two of the most important ties upon which many tying patterns are based.
• An extensive bibliography of all the English and Japanese literature on this fascinating subject.
• An index.

Here are a couple of stunning photographs



The Wheel


Since its debut in 2008 it has been embraced world-wide as the definitive reference work on its subject. It has been and continues to be a worldwide bestseller.
Here is what some of the Kinbaku luminaries in Japan had to say about the book:
Nureki Chimuo, legendary Japanese rope master, said: “It is a wonderful, complete book . . . I have never before seen a volume that expresses both such love for rope and such understanding of the subject . . . You have done a splendid job of pulling everything together into an accurate, concise work. I am just so impressed. You have my deep respect and admiration.”
Naka Akira continues: “. . . when I looked inside it I was extremely surprised and impressed. Was it really possible that a book that explained Japanese kinbaku in such depth existed? . . . The content is very well put together. It’s amazing!
Arisue Go comments: “Master K is the most notable and expert writer-researcher on this subject … he has touched upon the very essence of Japan’s culture in his excellent work.”
Osada Steve adds: “Master “K” promises, and Master “K” delivers. This book is a masterpiece, the mother of all books on Kinbaku/Shibari. It’s the yardstick with which all future books on the subject will be measured.”
To learn more about this edition please go here (link) for an Interview with Master “K.”

The Interview:

KC: Well, first off, congratulations on the publication of the 2015 trade edition of your book.

Master “K”: Thank you. Frankly, I find it all quite amazing.

KC: What do you mean?

“K”: Well, when I wrote the 2008 hard cover I thought it might sell two hundred copies, at the most, to a few readers with specialist interests. That so expensive a book as that first edition ($100) sold thousands of copies in over 60 different countries all over the world and that a Japanese edition was published by a distinguished academic publisher and is now about to go into it’s third printing there and that we’re now at the point of publishing a second edition, trade paperback is deeply humbling. It’s a dream come true for any author.

KC: Why do you think the book was so successful?

“K”: I’d love to think it’s because of my writing (laughs) but I believe it has more to do with timing.

KC: What do you mean?

“K”: I think my book came out just at the time of a worldwide explosion of interest in Kinbaku. Also, because I’ve been studying the art for over 40 years I think my book benefited from research that would be very difficult to do today, such as having access to original historical materials to say nothing of having the privilege of interviewing people like the late Nureki Chimuo sensei, the founder of the famous SM Library in Tokyo, Urado Hiroshi sensei, a close, elderly colleague of the famed martial arts expert Nawa Yumio, etc., etc. These are all people who were there at the very beginning of the modern Kinbaku era in the 1950’s and 60’s.

KC: Now that the $39.99 trade paperback is out, does this mean the hardcover is sold out?

“K”: Yes, absolutely. There’s not a copy to be had anywhere unless it’s a used copy and I understand these are going for a pretty high price now. Frankly, I’m delighted the publisher decided to do the second edition in paperback.

KC: Why is that?

“K”: Well, for two reasons actually. First off, obviously I’m glad there’s a more modestly priced edition out so that more people who might be interested in learning about Kinbaku can better afford it. Secondly, I’m very glad to be “playing fair” with the much appreciated buyers of the first edition, some of whom are collectors.

KC: Wouldn’t it have been possible to keep re-printing the hardcover?

“K”: Perhaps, but there were quite a few changes made to the Japanese language edition that I really wanted to incorperate into a second, English edition.

KC: How has the new edition changed from the first one?

“K”: In many ways. It’s a completely updated and revised book.
For instance, the Photo Gallery is completely new. It’s based on the photography show that was presented at the Shinzuku-za art gallery in Tokyo in October 2013 to launch the Japanese edition of “The Beauty of Kinbaku.”
I have also added 5 brand new biographies of significant Kinbaku artists in history.
In addition to those changes, the history chapter has been revised and updated to take into account all that’s been happening in the rapidly changing world of Kinbaku since 2008. I’ve also improved the “how to” section for beginner’s by making the step by step instructions clearer and by using larger sized pictures.
Finally, I’ve expanded the Glossary, Bibliography and there’s now an extensive Index, something I very much wanted in the first edition but couldn’t have because of page count costs.
This new version took several months of hard work (laughs)!

KC: Well, it’s a beautiful book that deserves the praise it’s been given.

Master “K” Thank you! That’s very kind. I hope new readers enjoy it and find it worthwhile.

The book is also available on Amazon Uk and here’s the link.;ie=UTF8&qid=1418744263&sr=1-1&keywords=the+beauty+of+kinbaku


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