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Christmas 4

The first featured book is, appropriately, “A Highland Christmas”



Take one depressed sub and a caring Dom. Transport them to fairy-tale castle in the remote Scottish highlands. Throw in a mix of old friends with new problems and you have a Highland Christmas.
Master Angus plans a surprise for Jane, who is depressed after her operation. At first she is resentful because she is going to miss her family and the usual Christmas celebrations, but she soon discovers that Master knows best, when unexpected guests arrive to cheer her up.
Can Jane forget her own problems and help her friends to solve theirs? Will Master Llewellyn and his friends avert disaster when his children get lost in the woods in a snow storm? Can Master Prometheus and his pregnant Jenny reach shelter in time?

Eilean Donan snow 2

The bridge to Eilean Donan features in “A Highland Christmas.”

Latest in the Prometheus in Chains series..


“Now, mo run, I am going to make love to you like I haven’t done for a while.” He led her over to the bed. Her limbs began to shake from arousal and anticipation. He picked up his bag from the floor and took out a soft leather belt. He fastened it securely but not too tightly around her waist.
“For the last few weeks I have been very gentle with you, first because of your operation, then because you seemed to prefer it that way. I haven’t heard the sounds I love to hear coming from your mouth. No!” He put a finger to her lips to stop whatever reply she had been going to make.
“I do know why, and I understand. Tonight you belong to me. I want your sighs moans, pants, and sobs, and you aren’t having the use of your hands to prevent them.” As he spoke, he took first one wrist then the other and wrapped them carefully in the soft leather cuffs attached to the belt. He checked each wrist to make sure the binding was not too tight and she was comfortable. He helped her up onto the bed and settled her with her head and shoulders propped on the pillows and her legs apart. Jane was trembling, and she felt the moisture pool in her pussy and slip down her thighs.
“Are you comfortable, my little darling? I know your hip has healed, but if at any time you are in discomfort from it, I must know at once.”
He broke off one perfect, apricot rose, and making sure there were no thorns to pierce her tender flesh, he placed the rose behind her ear and kissed the tip of her nose. Then he went over to the other side of the bedroom and very slowly pulled his shirt off over his head, folding it before he placed it carefully on the chair. Jane’s breath hitched. She loved the sight of him naked. She knew he loved to tease her. His hand headed for the strap of his sporran, and he took it off and placed it on top of the shirt. He didn’t look at her, but Jane knew
he was aware of her breathing and her every reaction to him.
He unbuckled his kilt and folded it carefully, placing it over the back of the chair. Lifting one foot onto the chair, he unlaced his brogues, pushing his woollen stockings down and off his foot with the shoe. He removed the Scott tartan flashes from the stocking, carefully inserting them both into his shoe. Jane got tantalising glimpses of his balls as he bent over, just as she knew he’d intended. She began to pant. He repeated the operation with the other foot.
Jane was wriggling and squirming in her impatience, and she heard him chuckle. He turned to face her after retrieving something from his bag. As he walked to the bed, she saw something black dangling from his hand, but her eyes were drawn to the engorged cock that bobbed from the nest of black and silver hairs at his groin. The head was fat, shiny, and purple. The long, ropey vein throbbed, and pearly drops escaped from his slit. She licked lips gone suddenly dry.
“I want to blindfold you now, mo run,” he growled. He placed the black scarf over her eyes, and she lifted her head to help him as he tied it. She settled back down on the pillows as he sat on the bed beside her. She listened avidly to what he was doing. There was a snap of some plastic lid, and then she gasped as a cold cream was smoothed over both her breasts. His long, strong fingers soothed her as he smeared whatever it was until it covered her to his satisfaction. Then she caught the sound of the lid being replaced and another being removed. Something was placed on each nipple.
He chuckled and removed the blindfold. She saw her breasts were mounds of white cream with a cherry on each nipple. She watched him as, looking her in the eyes, he bent to lick the cream off. She arched her back and moaned as his tongue rasped over her. His mouth closed over the cherry, and he took it into his mouth, sucking in her nipple at the same time. He nipped the tip between his teeth, and holding it there, he flicked his tongue back and forth then suckled hard, and she shrieked.
“Ah how I have missed that,” Angus said with a sigh, releasing her nipple with a ‘plop’ and turning his attentions to her other breast. Jane was writhing under him. She panted and sobbed, but he wouldn’t go faster. He’d said he was going to make her scream, and scream she did as he suckled the other nipple and nipped at it with his strong teeth. He moved between her thighs and held them apart with his shoulders. He pushed her knees up as far as he knew was comfortable for her, exposing her open pussy for his delight. His mouth descended on her clit as his fingers penetrated her pussy, stroking over her G-spot. Her head thrashed from side to side. Her sobbing moans filled the air. His fingers thrust in and out of her pussy, twisting and scissoring until she begged.
“Please, Master, please. Make me come. I can’t wait.”
His mouth was on her clit, his tongue flicking over the swollen, needy, little bud. Then came a strong suckle, and she shrieked as she reached her climax. He drove her on to a second one. Lights flashed behind her eyelids. Pleasure flooded her. Her limbs shook and she trembled as she rode out her release. When the after-shocks had ceased, Angus gathered her into his arms and held her close to his chest.

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Christmas 3

The second featured book is “Master Salvador’s Dilemma”



Finding the two subs he most desires to make up his triad is only the start of Master Salvador Belmonte’s problems.
He has at last persuaded his friend Edward to loan him his gay sub, Olafur Jonsson, for one night, so what could possibly ruin that? Edward loves to play tricks and adds his old school friend, Rose Barton, to the mix. She is the woman of Salvador’s dreams, but she flees after a misunderstanding and it is only by chance that he finds her again. Then Olafur seeks refuge with Salvador and Rose when Edward cheats on him once too often.
So what do you get when a bi-sexual Dom, a gay sub and a jealous heterosexual female make up a triad? Master Salvador’s dilemma!

Adult Excerpt

Olafur wasn’t happy. Why am I here? I don’t want to fuck anyone but Edward. Edward had prevailed because Olafur did want to please him. Edward doesn’t want me to speak all night. He thinks I don’t know it’s just in case Salvador asks me any questions Edward doesn’t want me to answer. Oh well, that doesn’t bother me. Knowing Edward’s propensity for mischief, I wonder what he’s about with the woman, Rose. Edward would never have me fuck a woman would he? Panic gripped him for a moment. I just can’t do it. How odd. I felt a strange connection, some sort of empathy with her when I first set eyes on her. Normally women leave me indifferent, but not her. Maybe it was that sad, sweet smile she greeted me with. She was suffering, too, and he knew how that went.
“Olafur, how many times do you need to be told?” Edward sounded pissed off. Olafur had been deep in his own thoughts and missed something. He looked up at Edward Oh God, I’m in for it now. I’ve made Edward lose face in front of Salvador. There’s a rivalry going on here that I don’t understand. I’d better pay more attention. I’ve made a mistake and now I’m going to pay for it.
“Oh dear, he’s not such a well-trained sub after all.” There was a hint of mockery in Salvador’s voice and Olafur winced. Edward was very inventive in the punishments he meted out and needed no goading from a rival Dom to urge him on.
“Olafur, come over here now. You have one opportunity to redeem yourself unless you want to feel the whip across your back.”
Olafur heard the woman gasp. He didn’t want to feel the whip, either, as Edward could be vicious. He waited for further instructions.
“Suck me off and make it good,” Edward whispered to Olafur. There was a threat in his voice which the sub didn’t miss as his Master handed a tube of lube to him. Olafur sank to his knees in front of his Master and carefully lowered the zip of his leather trousers. He pushed them down over Edward’s lean hips and eased the tight, white boxers over his long, lean, muscled thighs. He sighed in anticipation and breathed in the unique smell of this man who drove him wild with frustration as well as lust. He licked the small pearly drop of pre-cum from Edward’s swollen cock. He loved the salty, spicy taste of it, and suddenly all else faded from his brain as he leaned in to lick his way slowly down the beautiful, thick shaft. He nibbled and sucked on the huge vein throbbing on the side and felt Edward’s hands in his hair.
He took Edward’s sac in one hand and rolled his balls carefully. Edward enjoys a bite of pain, but I’d better not go too far tonight if I don’t want a flogging. He took the beautiful cock into his mouth and sucked in his cheeks, taking him as deep as he could. His head bobbed as he pleasured his Master in the way he preferred. Squeezing lube onto his fingers, his hands parted the firm, taut cheeks of Edward’s bottom and his thumb pressed inside, eliciting a deep moan of satisfaction as he located and massaged his prostate. Soon Edward’s hips began to buck and he pumped his cock deep into Olafur’s throat. Olafur struggled to accommodate him as Edward stilled then his legs trembled as jet after jet of hot cum hit the back of Olafur’s throat. He swallowed convulsively, managing to take it all. Edward bent over Olafur and held onto him to keep from falling over. Olafur was happy to hold him, loving the intimacy of the moment.
It was then that he again became conscious of the other two in the room. Hearing a woman being fucked was high on his list of dislikes, but somehow this one was different. The sweet sound of her sobbing moans didn’t offend him, rather, they increased his own arousal. He remembered the strange connection he’d felt when they’d exchanged looks. I’m glad that she’s getting her share of pleasure, poor little thing. I only hope that Edward will allow me my release, too. Edward stood up and, pulling Olafur to his feet and into his arms tenderly, he kissed him.
“You excelled yourself, love. I haven’t the heart or the energy to wield the whip after that. Come rest with me.”
He led him to the bed and, lying down, took Olafur into his arms and held him close. He petted and stroked his back as he kissed him long and deeply. Olafur forgot everything else, giving himself up to the moment of intimacy. Such moments were becoming scarce and he wanted to prolong it as long as he could. Edward’s strong fingers closed over his cock and began to move, Olafur moaned in appreciation as Edward pumped his hand then licked a slow trail over his throat and down to each sensitive little nipple, nipping at one then the other as Olafur arched his back into the caress. Edward continued down his stomach and finally got to where the Icelander needed him most. Just as he took the purple head of Olafur’s dick into his mouth from the other side of the room, where Salvador continued his ministrations, Rose screamed as she came. Edward swirled his tongue around the head of Olafur’s cock and dipped it daintily into his slit as far as he could, driving his man wild with desire. Olafur writhed and moaned. His groans of pleasure seemed to drive Edward on. He increased the tempo and Olafur felt the familiar tingles begin as Edward sucked his cock deep into his mouth. The wet heat combined with the joy of the increasingly rare moment of intimacy made his release, when it came, all the sweeter, and he shouted Edward’s name as he came deep in his Master’s throat.

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Eilean Donan Snow 1

Now for a new venture. I have recently published my own work on Amazon. The new series is entitled… “Red is for……”

Christmas 3

Book one in the series is on sale now


Story Excerpt

“I know that you are as interested in the lifestyle as I am. You said that if we could find a safe way to enjoy BDSM, with no risk to our reputations, then you’d be more than willing to pursue it. Do you still feel that way?”
“Do you mean you have found a way? If so, then yes, I am interested,” Ruari said.
“There are details still to be worked out, but I do have a plan. What I need is you to listen to it and tell me if there are any flaws in it. It’s got to be fool-proof, right from the start. We can’t take risks. I’ve found a venue for our club. It’s secure and we can make of it what we want.”
“Now you have me intrigued and, I have to admit, full of anticipation.”
“Yes, when the idea occurred to me, I was as excited as a teenager with a brand-new motorbike.”
“I find that difficult to believe,” Ruari said, laughing.
“Well, you know I’ve been looking for something ever since the business got back on its feet. The possibilities are so exciting. We have an empty space and we can go to town on the décor.”
“Okay, so where is this venue?”
“This office?” Calum heard the incredulity in Ruari’s voice.
“No. In this building. Come with me.” Calum stood up. They placed the glasses on one corner of Calum’s desk and he took Ruari into the visitor’s centre of the distillery. There were many people on tours or tastings, buying Whisky or products with the Dalguise logo on them. Calum took down a bunch of keys and signed for them. One of his employees witnessed his signature, and then he led Ruari back into the yard. He opened a large double door, they went in and he closed it behind them.
“Won’t anyone else come in?” Ruari asked.
“No. They can’t. I have all the other keys to this place in my safe. This key has to be signed in and out, so that’s why I’m using it. Now no-one else can get in here, and they know I’m the one inside. They won’t bother me.”
They were in a large, cool storage area. The stone walls were eighteen inches thick and the air was redolent of Whisky.
“The Angels’ Share,” Calum explained as he noticed Ruari sniffing.

Christmas 3

Adult Excerpt
That night Fiona’s dreams were even more vivid than before. This time Calum was again present and in his hands he held rope as he beckoned her to him. She awoke gradually in a haze of arousal. She was hot, wet and needy. Her fingers, coated in her own slick juices, found her clit and she began to rub slowly and sensuously. Her whole body came alive with the sensation of pleasure as she used her other hand to tweak and pluck at her breasts. It was so long since she’d had a man. She had to be content with the pleasure she could bestow upon herself. She had a drawer full of toys at home but had neglected to bring any with her.
She found that as she arched her back, pressing her head into the pillow, her thoughts of Calum, her dreams of Kinbaku bondage aroused her much more than usual. Her fingers stroked with ever increasing pace and pressure over her needy clit as she felt her climax approaching. Then it rolled over her. Her limbs were no longer under her control. Her fingers kept up the stroking and wave after wave of exquisite pleasure flowed along bones and veins. Never had a self-induced orgasm been so prolonged, or so enjoyable. Her fingers fell from her clit and her breasts and she lay back, panting, in a haze of delight for a long while. Calum’s voice was in her head and his face was before her when she closed her eyes. This was dangerous madness, but such delicious madness, she wanted more.…+lune…+lune


A Very Happy Christmas to you all. Thank you for reading in 2014 and I look forward to offering you more of my stories in 2015.

Christmas 2


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