Clair’s Clan welcomes K.L. Novitzke, author of Vampire Bride.

Vampire Bride

Author Interview with K.L. Novitzke, author of Vampire Bride.

  1. Will you tell us a little about yourself? Please include a picture if you wish.

My name is Krystal and I live smack dab in the middle of the glorious state of Wisconsin. I’m a wife to a very patient husband and a mother to two very rowdy boys. I’m an avid reader that has an ever growing TBR list. Pinterest is my weakness and my DIY skills are limited…but that doesn’t stop me from trying.


  1. Why did you start to write? Have you always longed to write a book or was there a trigger?

I never imagined that I would published a book until my vampire story came about. The thought of writing didn’t come until after a very vivid dream. It sounds kinda boring and very generic when you talk to writers, but something about it stuck with me and it played in my head over and over again demanding to let out. And the only way I knew how was to make it into a story bringing the ‘plot’ and characters to life. Unfortently, that’s not how my debut vampire novel came about. The writing bug was burrowed deep in my bones by time that novel came along.


  1. What sort of books do you write? Why did you choose that particular genre?

I write mostly paranormal romances. Why? Because who doesn’t love things that go bump in the night…or are at least supposed to go bump in the night. Forbidden romances for (some) authors are like candy is to a child.


  1. How autobiographical are your stories?

My stories take place in the real world, in places that you can find on a map…so quite a lot.


  1. Have you a favourite setting for your stories? Why?

Not really. I try to write in as many different setting as I can.


  1. Do you ever fall for your characters?

All the time sadly.


  1. Do your characters ever surprise you?

It would disappointing if they didn’t. There are several times when I sit down to write a chapter only having a rough guess on how the chapter is going to go, but then my fingers keep tapping and I’m laughing like ‘oh that’s good’. There may even be an evil laugh thrown in there sometimes for those twists that readers just love so much.


  1. How do you get yourself in the mood for writing?

I can be in any mood for writing, but I should be in a pleasant mood, because if I’m grumpy my characters are insensitive and if I’m angry then they fight. But who doesn’t love a little tension.


  1. What is the strangest place you have written in?

I have to say I’m the most boring writer ever. I write at home, strictly at home on the couch with my kids slapping at the keyboard.


  1. Have you ever experienced ‘writer’s block’ and how did you cope with it?

Writer’s block, sucks! I try to write an action packed scene that’s further down the storyline in hopes that it will help me connect the dots. If not, I start a new story hoping that will get the writing juices going.


  1. Describe your perfect first date.

Perfection is overrated. My first date with my husband, which was a double date with my friend and her boyfriend was going bowling…and my friend’s boyfriend missing the step and falling on his ass. Laughter is better than perfection any day! But truthfully, I never really thought about it just as long as the person I was with was fun anything would be worthwhile.


  1. If you could live anywhere in the world where would you choose and why?

I never really thought about it. I know I hate the cold and snow (go Wisconsin…right), but I never really pinpointed any other city. Somewhere warm and somewhere bigger than the medium size city I live in now. Some place with a great urban legend would intriguing!



  1. Chocolate or ice-cream? Chocolate
  2. Favourite tipple. Don’t drink, so don’t have one.
  3. Seaside or forest? Seaside even though I can’t swim.
  4. Rain or sun? Sun
  5. Christmas or birthday? Christmas!
  6. Elegant or comfortable clothes? Comfortable clothes, but still stylish.
  7. TV or cinema? TV
  8. Laptop or notebook for writing? Laptop
  9. Nail colour? Black
  10. Dom, sub or switch? Neither…but if I have to choose…dom
  11. Bondage or spanking? Another neither…but if I have to choose…spanking
  12. Leather or lace? Lace


Vampire Bride

Vampire Bride


(The Bitten Bride Series Book 1)


K.L. Kovitzke


Vampires are a myth, but for Charlie Preston vampires are real.
With the mysterious appearance of a man by the name of Maxwell Barnett, Charlie’s life changes in a matter of minutes. Unfortunately, not for the better.
Every vampire is assigned a bloodline and Charlie is about to learn that she’s Maxwell’s property. There’s no easy way of accepting that you were born to nourish a vampire. No easy way of accepting that he wants you to be his vampire bride.
From seduction to murder, Charlie and Maxwell face many obstacles together and against each other, but what Charlie doesn’t know is that death is the only way to survive what’s coming. 



“You know, if you were happier about it, it would hurt less,” Maxwell says in a husky voice. In a blink of my eyes, his fingers are around the back of my neck. With a sudden jerk of his hand, I’m forced to look at him. He rests his forehead against mine, the tips of our noses touching. The entire surface of my body begins to tingle and my breathing gets rigid. My brain is screaming inside my skull, but my vocal cords refuse to function. Once his mouth touches mine any chance of words coming out are lost.

His soft lips push against mine. The movement at first is gentle and caring, but the longer I don’t protest the more forceful he gets. The breaths I’m able to get aren’t enough for my lungs. The inside of my chest burns as his yearning gets rougher and rougher. He breaks the kiss, leaving me breathless. His head instantly buries itself in the curve of my neck.

“Relax…breathe in…breathe out.” His warm breath touches my neck as he whispers his words. Goosebumps break out along my exposed shoulder and a tingle runs down my spine.

I do as he insists, I breathe in…I breathe out. The feel of his mouth on my neck makes me involuntarily tense up.

“Charlie, relax. Trust me.” His lips graze my ear as he speaks each hushed word slowly.

My eyes close as I let his deep voice calm my senses. Maxwell’s mouth finds my neck once again, except this time it’s wide open and I can feel the scrap of his fangs. I clear my mind as I wait for the pain. The pressure of his jaw clenching down is accompanied with a pinch.

It is as if something snaps inside of me, altering my views of Maxwell as a vampire altogether. I get dizzy from the thrill of his pressing mouth. His tongue massages my neck to pump more blood to the fresh puncture marks. An urge of wanting to feel pain takes over my body. I can’t accept that him biting me is satisfactory. No, it has to hurt. My uninjured hand tangles in his hair and gently tugs. Without thinking, I nudge his head into my neck. Sucking in a sharp breath from the unexpected pain from his teeth burrowing in deeper doesn’t stop me from feeling ecstatic. As he drains me of life, I can’t help but feel alive.


* * *



The warmth coming from her body as she presses against me is intoxicating. I can feel my ice-cold body start to heat up in spots. It’s a weird feeling, but I welcome it because it tricks my subconscious into thinking it’s a step closer to being human. As she tugs a fistful of my hair and urges me to sink deeper into her neck, my fingertips dig into her skin. The sound of her hissing breath in my ear as I crush her only adds to my excitement.

Lifting her off the ground, I spin us around, so we’re facing the direction that Benjamin is located in. I know he watches us and I want to see the look on his face. Within seconds after averting my gaze, I see him with clenched fists glaring at us. My mouth still suctions itself to Charlie’s neck, and my hands slide up and down her body. The curve of her butt fits perfectly in my palm. If I stretch far enough, I can touch her bare thigh.

With Charlie’s hands still latched on to me, it gives us the reaction we’re hoping for. Benjamin breaks the stare he has on us and storms away with his second bride, the bride he chose over Grace. Grudgingly, I detach from Charlie. Sticky blood gathers in the corners of my mouth, but I quickly lick it away before I look at her.

“How are you feeling?” I ask, afraid I took too much.

Her hand goes to her head. Her eyes squint closed. “Just a bit dizzy is all.” The words come out with a sigh.

I know she’s not used to the withdrawal of blood and this isn’t even a regular basis. Some vampires feed from their humans three times a day, just as a human eats three meals a day. “Let’s get you something to drink,” I instruct her.

She seems as if she’s in a daze as she follows my lead with her fingers gripping my forearm. By the time we arrive at the bar Charlie seems to be getting better. She slaps her hand on the bar top and asks for a shot of something strong. Her voice takes on a slur as if she’s already drunk.

“I think my love here will have a glass of juice,” I say, correcting her.

“That’s probably a better idea,” she mumbles out as she agrees with me.

About the Author


K.L. Novitzke lives in a small city smack-dab in the middle of the glorious state of Wisconsin with her husband, two boys, and miniature Australian Shepard. She loves everything that goes bump in the night, which sparks her love of paranormal romances. In her spare time she enjoys crafting, reading all genres, and of course writing! New story ideas and characters continually bounce around in her head, keeping sleep at a distance.


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