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Jenni's Story
1. Will you tell us a little about yourself? My name is Barbi (Barbara) Barnard. I do not use my given name. I will be fifty in just a few days and I have a wonderful and supportive husband. We live in a small town in North Louisiana with most of our six kids within a few miles. I am blessed with eleven Grandchildren and one very spoiled dog.
Please include a picture if you wish.
2. Why did you start to write? When my children were little we had no way to go to the library so I would make up stories for them and after a while I kept needing new ones. My oldest asked me to write them down for show and tell and said he wanted them for himself.
Have you always longed to write a book or was there a trigger? I never gave it a serious thought till about five years ago. I wrote my first book 4 years ago and just let it sit, A friend dared me to publish and people liked it. When they asked for more I wrote the others. Never imagined putting this story in print. I always thought it would be a secret I only shared with my kids.
3. What sort of books do you write? I write about women who survive. Whether it be abuse, abandonment by death or even rape. I write the survivor. These women happen to be involved with Bikers.
Why did you choose that particular genre? It’s close to my life and I know what it is like.
4. How autobiographical are your stories? It is eighty five percent fact based. Names were changed and others were made up. The life style of MC’s have been around since World War two. You can find out all you want to know about the men in the clubs. What you won’t find out is the women. That’s kept under wrap and in the back room.
5. Have you a favourite setting for your stories? I chose Texas. Why? Because it is huge any small town can be swallowed up and believable.
6. Do you ever fall for your characters? Yes. The main female character was always supposed to end up with a certain man. I think things may change in the final book. One certain male character is coming to life and is the hero for her.
7. Do your characters ever surprise you? All the time. I tried to make one a dumb blonde and she went and achieved a business degree. Couldn’t be dumb enough for me.
8. How do you get yourself in the mood for writing? Pictures. Pictures of water in a pond leads me to write a certain character and a pair of flirty shoes inspire another. Sometimes an off handed comment in a conversation will spur me on.
9. What is the strangest place you have written in? Do you mean like in the kitchen while cooking? Or when I sat in the truck while my husband changed a tire in the rain. I even wrote a difficult rape scene on my Mother-in-law’s carport during a family reunion.
10. Have you ever experienced ‘writer’s block’ and how did you cope with it? Yes, I had a hard time getting the story to go after a particular scene. I walked away and wrote a short story in a dog’s point of view to clear my head.
11. Describe your perfect first date. I think a drive in burger place. No other people walking to interrupt the conversation. Just two people talking and getting to know each other.
12. If you could live anywhere in the world where would you choose and why? I want a cabin on a mountain side. I want the views to inspire the book to shock the world. Or maybe just a bit of wild life to walk by the window on a spring day. I like the remote places. No big cities for me. Quiet and rural is what I want.

1. Chocolate or ice-cream? Chocolate Ice cream of course.
2. Favourite tipple. None I have been sober 17 years.
3. Seaside or forest? Forest
4. Rain or sun? Sun
5. Christmas or birthday? Christmas
6. Elegant or comfortable clothes? Comfortable
7. TV or cinema? TV
8. Laptop or notebook for writing? laptop
9. Nail colour? Nude
10. Dom, sub or switch? Sub
11. Bondage or spanking? Both
12. Leather or lace? Both

Jenni's Story

Jenni’s Story
Barbi Barnard
Jenni has opinions of what a biker club is like. They are not the kind of people she wants to be around. With her brother moving the club back into the Play Pen, she needs to come to terms with her fears. She has fears for Tiff being involved and she has fears for Momma dealing with a club that abused her.

Wayne is smiling when I join him. He sets the plates out and serves our dinner. He looks me in the eyes and I know he has a plan. “I want to take a road trip.” His tone of voice tells me I am not being asked. I was just informed we are going somewhere.
“Okay, how long and what needs to be packed?” I will follow this man anywhere.
“I think we can leave on Monday. You will need your riding clothes and comfortable clothes. We will take the truck and pull the trailer.”
Wayne’s voice is calm and happy, so I know he has plans forming in his head. He will share with me when it is all worked out.
“I need to deliver some bikes and I need to meet a couple people to see about taking on their orders for new bikes. I think if we take the summer and get away from here I can show you a few things you haven’t seen before. We could be gone for a while, so pack enough for a week to ten days and we can do laundry on the way. I think you need to see a few things to put your fears in a better place and let go of things. I will have everything taken care of and be able to settle the shop this week.”
I see that gleam in his eyes. He will make sure I enjoy this. I smile as I know I can trust him.
We finish dinner and clean up quickly. As it is still early, he leads me to the cabinet to choose a movie and we pile up in bed. With the movie playing and my man holding me, my world feels safe and secure. My fears don’t bother me here. Sleep claims me quickly and no dreams disturb my rest.
I wake up to an empty house and bed. My brain rushes to last night. I feel awful for what I said to Momma. Has she put her past behind her? How do you go forward from it? The strength in me isn’t as strong as it is in Momma. I didn’t go through what she did. I have seen it, but never lived it. Am I just dragging the baggage around because I can?
Stumbling to the kitchen, I pour my coffee and make mental notes for a road trip. What clothes do I want to take with me? I will need to clean the house well and to clean mine and Wayne’s leathers. Bathroom bags need to be filled and everything in between. The trailer needs to be stocked and refreshed from the last time Wayne delivered a bike. I recall that Wayne said clothes for ten days, but I also remember him saying we could wash as needed. This might take us through most of the summer and maybe into fall.
As happy as I am to get away from here, I also worry what Wayne has cooked up to help me. I know he would never put me in danger or ask me to do something I couldn’t. The excitement of the adventure is about even with the angst of not knowing.
About the Author
Barbi Barnard is a native of North Louisiana. Married with grown children. And a growing amount of Grandchildren (eleven at last count). Barbi went to college after the youngest started school and has a degree in Office Management and Accounting. Barbi loves to spend time with her family. With such a large family a revolving door would help as there are always people coming and going in the Barnard house. The need to read books was instilled at a young age as it was the preferred pastime of the adults that influenced her life

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Other Books from Barbi Barnard

Mercy’s Angels
Tiffi’s Story

“Do you know what my first memory is?” Wayne shakes his head at me and I see the concern in his eyes. “I had to be three or four, not old enough to know moral or unmoral. I was sitting on the bench in my Fathers club waiting to see if someone would bring me food. I was hungry again but I couldn’t find my father. I wasn’t allowed to go down the hallway and I wasn’t big enough to reach the handle to open the lock to the kitchen. So I sat there, just waiting. No one paid any attention to me. I was invisible to them. I was just a fixture to be shoved over if I was in the way. No one cared if I was around. I was pushed to the side of the bench so there was room for two men to force a woman to have sex with them. I looked straight into her eyes as they raped her. She cried silent tears the whole time. They raped her mouth and ass till she bled. She never tried to get away. She never looked away from me. I never said one word. I can’t un-see or forget that.”
His hold on my hand is trembling. I can almost see the pity in his face. I don’t know if this is going to change his view of me. “Can you handle this?” I need to make sure his love is strong enough.
Wayne nods his head and squeezes my hand. “Yeah Babe, I got this.”
“My life inside that club was horrible. I watched men drink till they passed out. They would piss in the pockets of the pool tables. I was there when they drank so much they puked. I was there when they snorted so much stuff up their noses it would bleed onto their clothes. I watched as women stripped off their clothes and crawled across a dirty floor, because a man told her to do it. I sat there as man after man, that called themselves my family, degraded the women that they claimed. I watched as the men had bets on how far they could push the women till the tears came. Forcing them to suck dick after dick. Have sex with as many men as were there. Nothing was too far for the men. And if the woman was claimed then she couldn’t say no! Those are my childhood memories.”

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