Snippet from Prometheus #13




Masters to the Rescue is the 13th Story in the Prometheus in Chains series. In it I return to Master Angus and Jane. As is to be expected, various other characters from previous stories drop in as well as the gay couple due to feature in Prometheus #14.

here’s a taste… Master Llewellyn talking to Jane…

“Yes, I know who you mean, of course. He helped you out when you had your hip operation and became a permanent feature. I’ve been meaning to ask if he’d help Gloria out one day a week. She never complains, but a bit of respite from the housework would do her the world of good. It would give her more time and energy to devote to the children, too. I’d like her to get out of the house more, but she won’t unless the place is spotless.”
I wonder why he doesn’t just order her to leave the housework. Maybe he’s concerned she won’t be happy doing that. If Jaimie helps her she can have the house the way she wants it and he still gets his way. These Doms are so devious. Lucky for us that they are usually just concerned for our welfare even if we don’t always see it that way.
“Jaimie would be ideal. He likes to chat and works very hard. He’ll do whatever she needs doing,” Jane said and smiled.
“Good, then I will certainly help to move his stuff and make sure he’s not abused while he’s doing it. When do you think he’ll need help?” he asked.
“I think that he said his partner had gone away and was giving him a week to clear out his belongings. If he hasn’t found anything I intend to offer to let him store them here, but I must speak to Master first, of course.” She was aware that, although he was drinking his tea and eating the cake with relish, he’d rarely looked away from her and he was watching her very closely. She squirmed in her chair. These Doms! Did nothing ever escape them?
“Will you be speaking to Angus tonight?” he inquired nonchalantly, but she wasn’t fooled.
“Yes, Master Llewellyn. He ‘phones me every night.” She blushed and Llewellyn guffawed.
“Like that, is it? These young ones think they’ve invented something with their sexting. There’s nothing like a steamy session of ‘phone sex, so there’s no need to blush, Cariad.”
“No, Master, Llewellyn.”
“Well, my dear, I suggest that you tell him what’s troubling you, too,” he said softly.
Her gaze flew to his face.
“Surely you didn’t think to pull the wool over my eyes, my child, did you? I’ll tell you something else as well. You aren’t fooling Angus either. He must be worried and anxious,” he added………….


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