Cover reveal for Highland Wolves: In the Beginning .

Today is a special day for us as we celebrate our Golden Wedding anniversary with the family. What better day to reveal the cover of my latest book, under my new pen name of Flora McGregor. Clair de Lune will still be writing, this is just a different genre for me.

Here’s the cover, and it’s a cracker.


Release date 31st August.

In the beginning the Goddess, Luna, honoured four wolf shifter packs with her favour. To protect them against the hunters, Luna moved her four packs deeper into the Cairngorm range. There the settlements flourished.

Balvaird leads the Brodie pack, and he’s worked hard to re-establish order since he took over. Now it’s time for him to find a mate. When Morag wanders onto his territory she leads him a dance and sparks fly, but it’s clear they are destined for each other.

So what can possibly go wrong? One rogue shifter is determined to have Morag for himself, but can he succeed against the will of the Goddess?


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