Prometheus in Chains 13: Masters to the Rescue

Hello my lovelies,

I just finished polishing “Masters to the Rescue.” It will go to Siren and then I will sweat and wait…. here’s a snippet
Jane sighed as she taped up the last of the boxes containing the Christmas decorations. This year’s celebrations hadn’t been as lavish or as spectacular as the previous year’s in the Highlands, but she’d enjoyed every minute of the advance preparations and the Christmas holidays themselves. She’d been in her element, surrounded by her extended family. All the young ones and the babies made Christmas so very special, but when the celebrations were over this time of the year was always a bit of a let-down. Maybe it was because all the lights and tinsel that kept the grey days of winter at bay were now put away in boxes, or because summer seemed so far away. The house had rung with the laughter of the little ones until a couple of days ago, and now it was silent. All those were contributing factors, but most of all it was because she was hiding a secret from Master Angus.



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  1. Lisa Samuel

    WOW!!!!!! Clair de Lune, I loved this little snippet that you’ve shared with us. Thank you xx
    I am really looking forward to reading this fab new book in the Prometheus series xxxxxxx


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