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Here’s my latest book and the first in  the new series “Red is for …….”


Red is for Danger AD

Here’s a snippet from Red is for Danger……

She struggled to put the research Calum had asked her to do to the back of her mind. It was easy when she was concentrating on the lectures, but during coffee and meal breaks her mind returned to it.
Even though she socialised with the rest of those on the course, the topic surfaced when she least expected it. The afternoon session was an introduction to the culture of Japan and the importance of tying. There were some beautiful examples of gifts that had been presented by Japanese clients and it was explained that gifts would be exchanged and on no account must the wrapping and presentation of such gifts be neglected. Then they were given a short talk on Kinbaku, and she was fascinated. She decided that she’d like to know more, so when she’d had dinner she went on-line and opened up a whole new world. She spent a happy couple of hours immersing herself in this strange new world. It was the one topic that had succeeded in banishing her dilemma from her mind.
The ’phone was ringing when she opened her door, so she rushed over and picked it up.
“Mrs Macleod, you sound out of breath, are you well?”
“Mr Dalguise. I was just opening my door when I heard the ’phone ringing.” She realised her voice was breathy and hoped he’d put it down to rushing for the ’phone.
“It’s late, my dear. I didn’t know the course had evening elements to it.”
“It has a couple. I was particularly interested in the art of tying,” she said. Gracious, what’s he going to say to that?
“Kinbaku? It’s fascinated me for years. Maybe we could go and do some research on that together,” he suggested.
“Yes, I’d like that.”
“There are some very good courses, but you have to go with a partner. If this Japanese deal comes off, I may have to go over there. I’d very much like to take you with me. We could take a course together, that’s if you’d like to, my dear?” Calum suggested.
He wants me to go to Japan with him? Learn Kinbaku with him. It must mean he’s interested. I need to think.
“What do you say? Would you like to go away with me?”
“Go away with you? Where… what…” She stumbled over her words.
“Why, to Japan, my dear. I can just see you standing waiting while I learn to tie you. I do think that red rope would go well with your skin tone, Fiona. Can I call you Fiona when we aren’t in the office?”
“Yes, Sir,” Fiona managed to say. She knew that the word had changed its meaning for her now. She’d read enough over the past couple of days to know that. Her mind was awhirl with images of what he’d suggested. Most of the tied subs she’d seen on-line were naked. Would he want her naked?
“Thank you, Fiona. I have a beautiful picture in my mind. You are bound with red rope, which compliments your hair and fair skin. Tied and at my disposition. I can go to sleep a happy man, Fiona. I wish you a good night and sweet dreams, too. I’ll see you soon, my dear,” he said and rang off.
She was quivering like a jelly. He did want her. He’d just offered her the trip of a life-time, and he’d said he wanted her tied up and at his mercy. She shivered and the images he’d planted in her mind unsettled and aroused her. This is what I want. He seems to want it too. Why hasn’t he spoken when I was in his office? Maybe he’s done it like this to make the anticipation sweeter. I can’t even think straight,



Book 2 in the series Red is for Fire will be out early this month.

Here’s a snippet….
Edana didn’t want to go up on the stage, but her pride wouldn’t let her refuse when Andrew named her. Besides she couldn’t disobey the direct order of a Dom. She didn’t want him to lose face amongst his friends and fellow Doms. She’d been nervous watching Catriona and Heather, and it took all her will-power to make her feet move, and climb the steps. Andrew held out his hand, and she put hers into it. He helped her up the steps and onto the stage, then he turned her to face the audience. He placed a gag in her mouth, and then he told her to strip. Obediently she removed every stitch of clothing, and stood quietly waiting. He bent and whispered in her ear.
“I heard you and Catriona, earlier. I know what your plan is. You’ve led me a merry dance, sweetheart, and now this is pay-back time. You can refuse to take part if you wish. Nod your head if you agree or shake your head if you decline.” She looked into his eyes. I wanted him to be the Dominant. Now he’s giving me what I wanted. I won’t chicken out now. He would never hurt me. He says this is pay-back. I deserve it. I did push him. Now I have to accept it. I need to show him I can take it as well as dish it out.” Edana nodded and Andrew continued to speak.
Edana couldn’t believe her ears as he explained about the flammable cotton he would place all over her body. Not only that, but he was going to make her set fire to it. It was going to take an extraordinary amount of will-power to move her arms down and light the cotton. Damnation I will do it. I’ll show him I can be brave. She took several slow, deep breaths to calm her racing pulse and watched in fascination as he covered her nipples with tape. She loved the feel of his warm hands on her breasts and felt moisture gather in her pussy. Then she shivered, as the wet cloth covered her mound. He was gentle and careful, but still she tensed in anticipation, as the needles penetrated the tender flesh of her arms. All the time he watched her eyes and her expression. It was as if there were only the two of them present.

Question: What does Andrew want her to do that is going to be difficult for Edana?


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  1. I really loved reading the first book in the ‘Red is for’ series and an totally looking forward to reading the second book when it’s released. Thank you for sharing snippets of both books Clair (Nell); I love them both. Xxxxx


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