Red is for…… book 2

Here’s the promised snippet. Thank you for your patience and especially YOU, Cheryl Marcus….



He wasn’t going to waste the opportunity. They finished the strawberries and used the wipes to clean their fingers. Andrew moved the hamper to one side, and lay down on the rug. He looked up at her, as she sat gazing out to sea. Tentatively he ran one finger down her spine and she shivered. Pleased with this success, he began to run his hands down her arms and back, following her curves and feeling her breathing change. All of a sudden she turned to face him and lay down beside him on the rug,
“Kiss me,” she said.
He leaned over her, taking the weight on his elbows. He was gentle at first, as his tongue followed the seam of her closed lips, parting them with the tip of his tongue, and she opened her mouth to receive him. She raised her arms and held him to her as he explored the taste of her. She was as sweet as honey. Suddenly she pulled him down on her and kissed him back………. more later tehehe



  1. Sounds good.


  2. Such a tease, woman! 😉


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