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cropped-Kingfisher.jpg Here is Hennessee’s latest release with a really cute cover. I am really looking forward to reading this one. HA Karma For Hire Kindle Karma for Hire Release date: June 30th From June 30th – July 3rd, Karma for Hire will be 99 cents.



Synopsis: Bitching angels, grumbling demons, and one obnoxious incubus. Karma’s hands were already full dealing with her diverse staff and humans who can’t seem to just love one another. Add in two pride demons from the pit with a chip on their shoulders, a wannabe demon hoping to take over as the Ruler of Hell, an archangel with his sights set on the loftiest of thrones, the upcoming Sin Convention, and Karma is left overwhelmed. To make the week worse, her incubus website designer, Thadeus, has been trying to lure her into bed for the last three thousand years, and shows no signs of giving up any time soon. Everything is on the line, including her position. Falling in love with Thadeus could only make matters worse. She truly believes she isn’t meant to have a happily ever after. Besides, demons aren’t capable of love—or are they? When all hell breaks loose, literally, Karma must decide whether to stand up and fight for everything she has ever known, or let it go. Love dangles in the balance. Are the two of them nothing more than pawns stuck between good and evil like she had always believed? Or have thousands of years of diligent service earned her the happily ever after she deserves? This tale is written in multiple points of views from the perspectives of angels and demons, based on how they might react given the situation they are in. This story is not meant to disregard or make fun of religious beliefs in any way, nor in any way discount any persons or religions. Approach this book and understand that it was written as a light-hearted, slapstick, romantic comedy. A ‘Three Stooges collides with good and evil’ type of tale. If you don’t enjoy laughing, smiling, or otherwise enjoying yourself, this book isn’t for you. If you are looking for a light, feel-good read, this may be what you’re looking for. Story Excerpt: At Thadeus’s office, Karma ignored the common courtesy of a knock and barged right in. There was a reason she did so, and damn it all to hell, it didn’t work! “Ah, good afternoon, my lovely entity,” Thadeus said with a deep tone that vibrated in her ears and lower parts of her anatomy. Sitting in his chair, Thadeus was Karma’s every wet dream come to life. Shape shifting bastard. Thadeus was known for his ability to morph into any woman’s fantasy. An incubus by creation, and once the head of a domain in Hell, Thadeus was quite a force to be reckoned with. Karma pointed a manicured finger at him. “Stop doing that. You know that pisses me off.” Thadeus grinned, all sly like, and leaned back in his chair. Today’s flavor was a bad boy, wearing a sleeveless shirt, tattoos abundant on his shoulders and arms. Worn denim jeans, black leather boots, and a little bit of sexy stubble on his face completed his bad-ass biker look. Bright blue eyes regarded her. They were innocent, yet dangerous, hinting of a wild night in wait, and promising as much with his smug grin. He waved his hands in the air, stretching back, legs spread open with relaxation. “What am I doing?” Karma internally groaned. How in the world could she rip him a new asshole when he looked so damn enticing, delicious? He knew what he was doing, and this was the way all their meetings started. Thadeus could read her, much like any woman. As her fantasies changed, so too did Thadeus. Just last week she’d tried to catch him before he knew she was coming, only to encounter her previous night’s wet dream. “Turn off the charm, now,” Karma ordered and wiggled a bit as she sat down. Incubus demons were something else. Not only could they shape-shift, they also emitted a scent or pheromone that made them almost impossible to resist. She knew. She’d been resisting him for centuries. Thadeus sighed and kicked his thick boots on top of his desk. “You are so not fun at times.” “You have no idea,” Karma replied and finally felt like she could breathe without wanting to jump in his lap. “Now, the reason I’m here is because of the website. Clients are not reading the terms and conditions of the services before they enter. This needs to stop. Valuable time is being lost because of this.” Thadeus smiled and tilted his head to the side, studying her for a moment. “Why haven’t the two of us ever gotten together?” Karma stood up, knowing full well his charm was dazzling not only her eyes, but her libido as well. And that was all an incubus was, dazzle and charm, and not much more. “See to it the website is fixed. Please don’t make me find a just punishment for you.” Thadeus outstretched his arms, welcoming her to give him all she had. “Baby, you can punish me all you like. Just promise to make me like it.” Karma crossed her arms and glared. “I don’t make promises, but when I punish you, you won’t like it at all.” “Okay, okay. I’ll stop.” Thadeus relented and turned off his charm. “You can’t blame an incubus for trying. Have a seat, please.” Karma exhaled, exasperated by the entity. She herself wasn’t too far from being a demon herself, and she was a damn long shot from being an angel. Karma was an in-between entity. An ‘angel with dirty wings’ kind of being. “I’m very busy, Thadeus.” “You know what you need?” he asked with a raised brow and a quirky grin. “No, but I bet you’re going to tell me.” Everyone had an opinion, yet no one seemed to fully understand the enormous task her position really was. “You need a vacation. Now the incubus in me screams sex, and yes, you seriously need it, but Karma, you seem restless, agitated lately,” he noted, grinning while wetting his plump lips. “Could it be because humans can’t love one another?” she asked. If humans spent half their time loving each other rather than hating each other, her job wouldn’t be nearly as difficult. “It’s more than that,” Thadeus replied. “You really need a break. You deserve one.” Karma was studying her nails, realizing she was in bad need of a manicure. “While I do enjoy ass-kissing most of the time, today I’m just not in the mood.” “When was the last time you did something different?” he asked. “I’m being serious. Work, work, work, makes Karma a real bitch… pun intended.” He chuckled at that and leaned farther back in his chair, taking on a more relaxed position. “Ha, ha. Yes, don’t we all know the jokes?” Karma glanced up at him and rolled her eyes. Nobody had a damn clue. “You need a hobby, and since you won’t make me your hobby, may I suggest you do something different for a change, or at least something that would make you feel better.” “I could use a massage,” she noted and rolled her head back and forth, making a mental note to call for an appointment. There were advantages to living in the human realm. Thadeus’s ears perked up at that and he leaned forward. “I can give you a massage.” “Uh, no.” A massage from an incubus was just asking for trouble, and a big bed, and a night of hot, unbridled sex. “Fine, I give.” Thadeus threw his hands up in defeat. “One would think after three millennia of trying I’d get my girl.” “Every girl is your girl,” Karma emphasized as she walked to the door. “Fix my website.” Steamy Excerpt: Thadeus plucked the empty glass from her fingers. “Stress isn’t a good look on you. Let’s dance.” With a wave of his hand, the jukebox record skipped and an upbeat Latin tune began to play. He tugged her hand, urging her to follow him to the dance floor. Angels and demons cleared the floor, no doubt because Thadeus made them. Such immense power, she chanted inside her mind. Gotta love a powerful demon. An abrupt twirl and Karma spun, smacking up against his chest. Damn, he smelled so wonderful. His hand slid to the small of her back and he swiveled his hips against her. Oh, hell. The Lambada. The forbidden dance. The music echoed in her ears as their bodies came together in a sinful display. Thadeus led with confidence, causing her body to move in ways she hadn’t realized she was capable of. His rock hard body pressed against her, hands gliding down her back to her hips, stopping to squeeze and grind his hips against hers. Their eyes connected. Fierce emotions were communicated, warring with lust and hate, overpowering and intoxicating. He dipped his head down and kissed her neck. His breath was on her neck, their bodies in perfect rhythm, hands seeking to touch. Slowly he turned to look up her, lips dragging up her throat to her chin. Need radiated from the depths of his gaze. Their lips were so close. She wanted to kiss him again, wanted to feel the heat once more, but fear gripped her, because if he kissed her now, she wouldn’t say no… to anything. Thadeus nipped her chin and smiled so seductively, eyes twinkling with promise. She felt safe and loved in his arms. He held her as if he cherished her, adored her, and she was dangerously close to losing her control. “Need me, Karma. Want me,” he whispered and grazed his lips over hers. “Say the word and I’m yours.” “Kiss me, Thadeus,” she said, unable to ignore the centuries of emotions for him that kept her up late at night. Her future was uncertain and looking bleaker by the day. If her world as she knew it ended next week, she damn sure wanted to go out with a bang. Heat enveloped her, starting from her head and trailing down to her toes. Thadeus was using every bit of incubus magic on her and it was the most amazing feeling. Not a part of her body felt untouched. Everywhere zings of pleasure raced across her skin until she was short of breath. “I want you, Thadeus. I need you,” she whispered and he groaned, twirled her once last time and they poofed out of The Hole. Dizzy from the abrupt transport, Karma opened her eyes. Thadeus held her, pleased with his choice of location. Her feet were bare, sand pushing up between her toes. He trailed a finger over her bottom lip, leaving a buzz behind. “I have never wanted anything more than I want you at this very moment.” Karma felt her eyes sting. No one had ever gazed upon her the way Thadeus did and it warmed the cold region of her heart. No emotion, she said to herself. This was about letting go. It was about living her existence to the fullest. It was about giving in to a desire that had raged for centuries. No regrets. “Take me, Thadeus. I’m yours.” Every touch and every kiss resonated in Karma’s soul. Passion and lust, want and desire—her blood flowed at a quickened pace, heart racing, skin tingling. The buzz that raced over her skin was especially delightful, sort of similar to having low voltage electrical probes attached to her pressure points. She hummed, enjoying every region he affected, which seemed to be all of them. With little effort, Thadeus swept her up in his arms and carried her toward a bed with an amazing backdrop. Waves crashed in, creating a gentle and pleasurable roar. He gently laid her down, placing chaste kisses from her collarbone to her neck. When he reached her ear, he murmured in a dark tone, “Mine.” His body covered her, his weight a reminder of his size and strength. Breathing became problematic, but who needed to breathe? Every part ignored the lack of oxygen she took in and yearned for more. “Thadeus,” she moaned and clutched his muscled chest, unable to believe how her body responded to him, how he made her feel. “I had no idea.” And by idea, she realized he’d been holding back all these years. Thadeus chuckled in an arousing tone, sending more desire flooding throughout her system. The sensations pushed her toward orgasm, and all she could do was hold on, and allow her body to give in. A cry of ecstasy combined with the sounds of the waves, words unintelligible, and at that point, not worth speaking. As her body contracted and released, she offered a contented sigh, realizing they were both still fully clothed. Apprehension caused her to tremble. If Thadeus could take her to such heights with her clothes on, what would happen with them off? It was then she recalled a demon once saying, “Once you have an incubus, you’ll be ruined for anything else.” Author Bio: Hennessee plots by day and writes by night. Her creativity seems to be at its highest when the world around her slumbers. As a mother of two, she is prone to fits of insanity, random babbling, and answering her own questions. She has an affinity for things that go bump in the night, mythology, ancient religions, and history. Geeky to the core, she loves to laugh, goof off, and make people smile while interjecting crazy historical facts that make her husband often roll his eyes. You can follow Hennessee at these locations: Amazon: Twitter: @HennesseeAndrew Blog: Pinterest: Facebook:

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