Clair’s Clan presents a new clip from Red…. 2



Edana didn’t want to go up on the stage but she couldn’t refuse when Andrew named her. She’d been nervous watching Catriona, and it took all her will-power to make her feet move and climb the steps. Andrew held out his hand, and she put hers into it. He helped her up the steps and onto the stage, then he turned her to face the audience. He placed a gag in her mouth, and then he told her to strip. Obediently she removed every stitch of clothing and stood quietly waiting. He bent and whispered in her ear.

“I heard you and Catriona, earlier. I know what your plan is. You’ve led me a merry dance, sweetheart, and now this is pay-back time. You can refuse to take part if you wish. Nod your head if you agree or shake your head if you decline.” She looked into his eyes. I wanted him to be the Dominant. Now he’s giving me what I wanted. I won’t chicken out now. He would never hurt me. He says this is pay-back. I deserve it. I did push him. Now I have to accept it. I need to show him I can take it as well as dish it out.”

watch this space for more …..

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