Clair’s Clan Welcomes Kristina Galbert.


My very welcome guest today is Kristina Galbert, super promoter of her authors and good friend. She has kindly consented to answer some questions….

1. Will you tell us a little about yourself. Please include a picture if you wish.

1) I’m 46 and happily single home-owner with a little bit of land………I’m and Addicted Reader and Music Lover.

2. Where do you live? Tell us what you like about your town or city?

2)I live in a little town in South East TX about 13 miles from the LA. Border in the Marsh….I love the fact that I can go out and be social in town and yet come home and have the peace of feeling left alone.

3. If you could live anywhere in the world where would you choose and why?

3) The Highlands of Scotland…………It’s full of history and culture that I’ve always Loved….

4. What do you do in your spare time?

4) Read, Chat and Promote my Authors on FB, Enjoy the Peace of my little slice of Heaven at home as it’s an animal preserve…….

5. What sort of books do you prefer?

5) I read any and all Genre’s but Heavy BDSM, as I enjoy all subjects of History, Mythology, Folk-lore and anything that deals with tolerance and acceptance……..

6. If you could have only one book, which one would it be and why?

6) I couldn’t choose just 1 as I Love ’em all, but The Series that started my Addiction would have to be Bertrice Small’s Skye O’ Malley..

7. Which fictional character would you like to be?

7) A Dragon or a Shifter, to be able to share the spirit and ability to shift at anytiime to go anywhere.

8. What is your pet hate?

8. I can’t stand people who can’t see outside their own little 4ft world.

9. What quality do you most admire in a person.

9) Honesty and Honor as they go hand in hand.

10. What is your favourite time of the year and why?

10) Spring……….The time of regrowth and blooming.


1. A place you have always wanted to visit.

1) Greece.

2. Favourite meal.

2) Pot Roast.

3. Best place to take a first time date.

3) The Beach.

4. Most memorable moment in your life.

4) Watching Saturday Cartoons as a kid.

5. Most embarrassing moment.

4) Watching Saturday Cartoons as a kid.

6. Favourite room in your house.

6) Living room.

7. A TV programme you never miss.

7) Blue-Bloods. 

8. A real person living or dead you wish you could meet.

8) Cher, as she has shown me that you can Survive and go on in life without Loosing who you are.

9. Superstitious?

9) Questioning Fate.

10. Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

10) Don’t believe in Buying part, but I love Valentine’s Day and the EXpressions of Love.

Thank you for answering the questions and telling us a little more about yourself.  I hope you enjoyed answering them as much as I did reading them.

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