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Today Clair’s Clan welcomes Gregory Payne, a friend and talented author.  Here’s his latest release……

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Caeli Aferrum found himself in the Midwest unsure what to expect from the human race.

He was searching Earth for a partner he could call his own along with some of his brethren. After a few beers and a name change to, Kyle he found the curious creatures full of questions. They appeared less scary and a whole lot sexier, especially the one named Hank.

When Hank Cutter entered Rascals Bar the last thing he expected in his small town of North Fork, Kansas was to meet a man. There was only one gay man in town and that happened to be him. He finds himself faced with a startling truth: Kyle is actually a Ferrumis in search of a mate he intends to have for life on the spacecraft Fronza, a stolen Thorean ship manned by seven other aliens who are roaming the galaxy with no particular destination in mind. He knew love came in many different shapes and sizes, but did his have to have a smooth metallic-colored tail and a set of razor sharp fangs?

Can their love span species lines and quench the growing lust in Caeli in time to save him from his Needing? Or will Hank deny his growing feelings to stay safe and sound on good ol’ planet Earth?

An Aferrum Brotherhood Novella. 20,486 words.

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Caeli hated change.

Always had.

So why was he—along with his twin brother Pyxidi and six other childhood mates—stealing a Thorean ship and heading for nowhere in particular? Because they had to if they didn’t want to be enslaved by the larger, more powerful of the their species, be forced to live in servitude and subservience forever.

He might be little but he was no slave, and he intended to keep it that way.

Running as fast as his legs could go, Caeli trailed behind, responsible for the last phase of the operation, shutting the hatch. If he could accomplish this menial but important task, they would be on their way to safety…for the time being.

He watched as Pyxidi turned and looked at him, his burnished hazel eyes, the same color as Caeli’s own, imploring him to hurry. He was. But he’d purposely taken the last leg of the operation because, no matter what, he had to keep his brother safe.

Pyxidi had recovered from the injuries inflicted by a brutal alpha Ferrumis who had something to prove. But, for a while, Pyxidi’s prognosis had been touch and go. On that fateful day, as he was forced to watch his brother almost lose his life, Caeli vowed he would protect Pyxidi. Even sacrifice his life, if it came to that. Today it just might.

Thundering footsteps echoing off the metallic corridor behind him, Caeli pushed his body hard, praying that the gods where on his side. Sliding to a stop, he slammed his hand against the launch panel and waited. When he saw the protective barrier materialize, blocking him from the armed guards with the taste for blood in their eyes, he knew that they were almost free.

Only one more to go.

Celebratory cheers coming from the main operations room fueled him on as he pumped out the short sprint and closed the final barrier that secured a safe environment for travel on their new home, the ship Fronza.

Sucking in air and steadying his nerves, he smiled at the guards who still fired their weapons, although the rounds could never penetrate the barriers. “Fuck you!” Caeli yelled, flipping them the double-fisted bird. “See you in space, suckers.”



Adult Excerpt:


Pumping between Kyle’s lips, fast and furious, Hank unloaded his juice into Kyle’s mouth and throat, Kyle drinking every drop. Still swirling and sucking with that magical tongue, Kyle continued, causing another round of orgasm to shatter Hank’s body and splinter his brain. He cried out, as the most intense multiple orgasm he had ever experienced caused him to become temporary paralyzed.

As Hank’s heart regained a somewhat normal pulse, he shifted against the sweaty cotton sheets and gazed down at Kyle. “I think what you set out to do, you just did. That was the most incredible feeling in the world.”

Kyle’s sexy mouth grinned. “I don’t do that to just everyone. You’re special. And hot.”

Flattered, Hank returned the smile. “Now it’s your turn.”

“Not yet. I need to taste your ass. That was all I could think about last night. It kept me up all night long. I had to jack off. Twice.”

Kyle grabbed Hank’s hips and flipped him as if Hank was the size and weight of a G.I. Joe doll. “Ready?” Kyle growled before parting Hank’s mounds and diving into his cleavage.

Hank buried his face against the mattress in a weak attempt to muffle his cries of passion. He prayed that Sharon was planning to stay out all day because he didn’t want Kyle’s lovemaking to come to an end any time soon.

Arching his back and forcing his ass into the air, Hank reached behind him and parted his cheeks. “Fuck me with that tongue.” His request sounded more like a command, the need to feel Kyle diving into him too great.

Loosening Hank’s tight bud with the pointed tip of his tongue, Kyle pushed inside, forcing a series of gasps from Hank. “You taste how I imagined,” Kyle groaned. “Sweet. Musky.”

“Good god,” Hank returned, biting the sheet. He hoped Sharon would agree to Kyle staying because this was something he wanted to never stop. Ever.

For what felt like an ecstasy-filled eternity, Kyle licked and chewed Hank’s flesh before finger fucking him with three lengthy digits. Tears raced from the corners of his eyes, Hank’s bud bordering on virginal. And before he knew what he was saying, two words fell from his lips, taking him off guard. “Fuck me.”




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