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The Blood Red Rose Club series


What am I working on?
I am working on the fourth book in the Red Rose Club, called “Davy Meets His Match.” As that’s already plotted and half-written, I’m trying to decide what will be next. I have two Regency mysteries in the Rotherham Hall series, and the last in the Dragons of the Cairngorms series in note from.

How does my work differ from other works in the same genre ?
I think that I tend to look at problems in relationships from a different angle, being older. I have read many romances and found them to concentrate on the young and the beautiful, and I have no problem with that. I consider it normal to have doubts and self-image issues, so, when I wrote my first book, Initiation, one of the reasons for writing that particular story was to fill a gap. I wanted to explore those issues with my heroine, Jane and see how she overcame them

Why do I write what I write?
As an older reader I relate more to older characters. They tend to have more complex lives and more baggage than your average young and fancy-free heroine, so to me they are more interesting. As a writer I like to give them a complicated background and a normal adult woman’s hang-ups and problems and see where their story goes. I became curious about BDSM when reading erotic romance and so I did a lot of research, both from books and online. I write ménage and MM as well as MF. The problems and difficulties in relationships are not all that different and that’s what interests me.
How does my writing process work ?
I don’t have a daily routine. I am retired, and I spent thirty plus years following a very rigid routine, which is a good reason not to have a rigid one now. I prefer to start with characters and an idea for a story and see where they take me.
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  1. Thank you Clair. I am looking forward to your newest Red Rose Club story.


  2. Amazing how you explain in great detail how you work. I tend to flesh-out my characters first and see where my story takes me, unless I have a paragraph written in the back of my mind…:)


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