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Book 2 in the “Red is for…” series.

Edana McAllister is a force of nature, voluptuous and passionate as well as stubborn and determined to have her way. Her long mane of rich red hair complements her fiery personality. Guided by her Goddess, she is in pursuit of her man and she will stop at nothing to get him, on her terms of course.
Andrew Macgregor is a giant of a man, dominant and unstoppable in court, magnificent in his kilt, and a true Dom. He wants Edana, but deceived by her outward appearance he curbs his dominant tendencies until he overhears Edana discussing what she really wants with a friend. His eyes are opened and he decides to give her exactly what she desires, but on his terms
Sparks fly, and the clash of wills leads to stalemate until fate or the Goddess intervenes.


Edana clasped Andrew’s large, warm hand in one of hers. She rested her cheek on his hand and felt the comforting warmth. His other hand stroked her hair. She could have stayed like this all day. However he was due an explanation, and she owed it to him.
“I’m sorry if I’ve been a pain to you, Andrew,” she began.
“You? Never, sweeting,” he said gallantly.
“Oh, Andrew, you know that I have. I want you to listen to me, and not interrupt, please. It’s hard for me to say all this. I’ve followed the Lady all my life. She’s been good to me, and showed me the path I ought to take on so many occasions, that I took my problem to her. I’ve seen you in court. You are commanding and dominant. No-one gets the better of you. I wanted so much to have that side of you. You were always so kind and considerate, and the nicer you were, the more horrid I became. I believed it was the Goddess’s path, so I followed it. I advised Catriona to do the same with Ruari, and we made a plan. It didn’t work, and I was so very unhappy. Why were you so nice to me? I thought I’d driven you away with my antics.” Edana began to cry.
Andrew smiled to himself. Silly wee lassie can’t see what’s in front of her face.
“Surely you can see, sweeting. I’m a Dom. I like my own way. I’ve wanted you for a long time, but I was afraid I’d offend you if I went into full Dom mode. I’ve never been so patient with anyone, and it’s cost me dear. When I get out of this place, and on the mend, that pretty little arse of yours is going to be so red you won’t be sitting comfortably for a few days.”
“But now I’ve told you, you are still doing what I want,” she wailed.
“Not on your life. Yon Goddess of yours knew better than you. I’ve been hiding my true nature, and your antics were well on the way to driving me insane, so I decided that you, my sweeting, were going to have to come to me and sort it all out. Now listen to what I’ve decided, and see if it’s you or me calling the tune. When I am cured and on my feet again, we shall go to the club. All this malarkey took place in front of all the members and I’ll be damned if I will let it go just like that. You will be naked, and on a lead. I’ll take you to the stage and there you will kneel, and publicly beg pardon for your insubordination. Then we’ll try out the spanking bench, and I’ll warm your arse with my special paddle. When you have the name of your Master well and truly marked on your body, you’ll kneel before me and beg to know what will please me, and whatever I decide you will do, without hesitation, and with enthusiasm. Do I make myself clear? If you can do all that, we can put this behind us, and start on our life together.” To his astonishment she nodded.
“That won’t do, Edana. I need words.”
“Yes, Andrew,” she whispered.
“Not good enough. Try again and, by the way, you just earned another five strokes with my paddle. Think carefully before you reply, or you will earn more.”
There was a short pause, then she spoke.
“Yes, Master,” she said in a clear, firm voice.
“Well done, my pet. Now dry your eyes, you will need to save you tears for the spanking, it won’t be easy on you,” he promised


Edana stood at the bottom of the staircase, and to one side, as she’d been instructed. She heard the sound of cars arriving, so she straightened her back and lowered her gaze. She heard the cheerful rumble of Andrew’s voice, and gripped her hands behind her back. She was nervous and on-edge. She well knew the spanking wasn’t the only ‘treat’ he had planned, and she hoped that it would only be himself administering the punishment. The door opened, and a blast of cool evening air made her shiver and her nipples turn to hard nubs. Andrew must have allowed everyone to precede him, because although she couldn’t look up, she could see their feet, and his laced brogues and stockings didn’t appear until the very end, after the bolts had been shot home.
“Ah my naughty little puss is awaiting my pleasure,” he almost purred. He put his bag on the floor and took out a box. He bent and sucked one stiff, little nipple into his mouth.
Edana gasped as she tried to remain upright. The pleasurable feelings made her toes curl, and her knees wobble. He stopped sucking and took out a wicked looking nipple clamp with which he adorned her nipple. Then he repeated the exercise and linked the two with a short length of chain that allowed very little movement, without tweaking the clamps. He hadn’t finished, because he was holding a third clamp and Edana’s eyes widened and her nostrils flared as she realised just where that was going.
He sat on the bottom step and told her to put one leg over his shoulder. When she hesitated, he pulled on the chain between her nipples to gain her attention, and she hurried to comply. His mouth sucked at her little bud, making her head spin, and she held onto him, to keep from falling over. When he took his mouth away, she moaned her objection, but he didn’t comply with her unspoken request. Instead, he placed the last clamp over her clit, linking it to the other two, with just enough chain so that movement would pull on her delicate parts. He told her to remove her leg and stand upright, then he adjusted the length of the chain to his liking.
He took a collar and lead out of his bag and, placing the former about her neck, he attached the latter, holding the end in his hand. He lifted her chin and smiled at her.
“I’ve waited for this for such a long time, and I’m going to enjoy every last minute, my sweeting.”
He led her to the stage and up the steps. Everyone was seated and silent. She felt so alone, but Andrew was on the other end of the lead, and he would look after her. She had to do this for him. He’d lost face because of her, and now it was pay-back time.
Gracefully she knelt down facing him, sideways to the audience. He’d told her she had to make up her own speech of apology, and it would go harder with her if he didn’t like it. Although she knew that it was all done to keep her on edge, she couldn’t conquer her trepidation. In a voice that wobbled slightly to start with, but that gained in steadiness and strength as she became more confident, she begged his pardon.
“Master, I beg you to forgive me. I tried to manipulate you and I used other Doms to try and make you jealous, and get my own way. It was wrong of me. I was rude, pert and disrespectful to you. I deliberately tried to make you late when we went to Inverness. Master, I ask you to punish me, and to forgive me.”



What did Edana do on the way to Inverness?

Good luck with your answers. A signed print copy of Red is for Fire is the prize

book one


book 3 about to be released.


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