Who claims Rose on St Valentine's Day?

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Clair's Clan welcomes Arlie Sheelin

  Today I welcome author and very good friend, Arlie Sheelin, who has dropped in to tell us about her books. Will you tell us a little about yourself. Please […]

Valentine's Day Event

The Opening of “Grandmas’ Cosy Corner” will take place on Valentine’s Day Pull up a chair, take a cup of tea or coffee and tell us your memories, share your […]

Congratulations to Dennis Hawk, who won the spot prize for the 500th Like. One or two people haven’t let me know that they have liked the page, so I will […]

471 likes for my Clair de Lune author page… almost at 500 and the second goodie bag and spot prize for the 500th Like. Thank you to all who liked […]

  Clair : Salve Drustan! Drustan : Salve  Clair! I am glad to meet you. Clair : Thank you for agreeing to meet me. I know you are a busy […]

If you like my page on Facebook PLEASE leave a message with your name so I can enter you into the draw. If you have liked and not left your […]