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I am delighted to welcome today’s guest on Clair’s Clan. Dennis Hawk is a dear friend and he’s agreed to answer questions about his writing and poetry today.


1. Will you tell us a little about yourself. Please include a picture if you wish.

I’m a 49 year old male, been writing poetry professionally since the age of 13 and have had this idea for the book I am only just (now) working on. It will be a three part series, based on a Warlock and his ‘casual, everyday life being thrown upside down by a horrific and earth shattering event. My only regret is that I didn’t write it sooner – ahead of my time, if you will – as the paranormal erotica category has been saturated over the years and book series turned movies have also made many of my own, genuine ideas, seem like I ripped off the mainstream. While, I still hold true to my own concept as ‘fresh’ and I feel I still have a valid concept and originality, it’s also refreshing to know that authors like J.R. Ward and Kressley Cole both share my sensually twisted and creative mind. I have raised three maniacal, crazy ((but brilliant and gorgeous, too, lol)) daughters, but now that two are in college and one a senior in high school, I plan to publish not only an illustrated book of my poems (I’m an extremely ‘visual’ kind of guy), but finally commit my time for ‘me’ and write. Dark, erotic writing has always been a passion and I hope to shake up the genre, asap (winks)) so look for me to come soon ((but not TOO soon, hahaha)) … thank you.
2. Why did you start to write? Have you always longed to write a book or was there a trigger?
Oops, I think this question was answered in my rambling post of reflection, in ‘answer 1’ lol.
3. What sort of books do you write?
poetry and paranormal erotica/romance
4. How autobiographical are your stories?
While I am not a ‘Warlock’ as is the character in my stories, I do hold deep spiritual connections to the unexplained, mystical and macabre. I blame my grandma telling stories of her friends being witches and the many unexplainable events that I’ve been an eye witness to throughout my life and the fact that at ages 6-10, ‘being good at the grocery store’ was rewarded by being allowed to pick 3 comic books weekly. ‘Beware’, ‘Vampire’ and ‘Vampirella’ ((now collector comics fetching big money)) is what really fascinated me and cemented the surreal and supernatural mindset of ideas throughout the rest of my life.



I laugh to think that “I wrote a darker, more violent ‘Twilight’ when I was 14 and mom wanted me to go to therapy – now, it’s mainstream” hahaha.
5. Have you a favourite setting for your stories?

Waterfalls. I have a deep feeling of energy and peacefulness when I am near one. It’s the main setting of my book and the name of book 1 is “Rhysling Falls”

6. Which author or authors have influenced you and why?
I love authors J.R. Ward, Kressley Cole and Clair De Lune. Kressley Cole is brilliant and has a clone of MY mind. God help both her AND her friends, lol.
7. If you could have only one book, which one would it be and why?
Bram Stroker’s first DRACULA. It’s fetching $60,000 on eBay.

8. How do you get yourself in the mood for writing?
I’m always in the mood as my mind is always thinking with ideas swirling with a creative ‘want’ to write them down. Unfortunately, the reality is that with a 12hour a day job and lack of sleep, – sadly – I can’t act upon a thing.
9. What is the strangest place you have written in?
A toilet, at church. I was listening to a story of Adam and Eve and had the most brilliant poem come to mind about being the Snake in the Garden of Eden. Thought my skin would start smoldering right there in the pew, lmao.
10. Have you ever experienced ‘writer’s block’ and how did you cope with it?
Fatigue is my creative mind’s enemy. I want to do so much, yet, when I come home and shower, I sometimes, simply fall asleep and never get the day’s thoughts down on paper. It’s maddening, as I want some ‘me time’ but ((for now, anyway)) can’t find any.
11.Where do you live? Tell us what you like about your town or city?

A small town called Sewickley, Pa. I have only felt a certain energy, here and Salem, Mass. I swear that walking through the woods in either place is a mirrored image of one another – it’s creepy, yet hauntingly beautiful at the same time, lol.
12. If you could live anywhere in the world where would you choose and why?
Somewhere there are only three seasons, I have become sick of all the damn snow at wintertime. I would love to drive a couple hours to ski or snowmobile – WHEN snow was wanted – then leave it behind without worries. Like small nieces and nephews – glad they came to visit, but happy they will leave and aren’t yours – lol.

13. What is your pet hate?
Close minded people, illiterate authors and slow drivers in the fast lane on the interstate.
14. Which fictional character do you wish you’d created?
Dracula. I’m American Indian and Transylvanian, my grandparents ((mom’s side)) coming from the Carpathian Mountains. The Dracula legacy has always fascinated me and the newest movie being released soon, looks amazing!
1. A place you have always wanted to visit.
Bermuda Triangle
2. Favourite meal.
Chicken Parm and a nice fresh salad with warm, just baked Italian bread.
3. Best place to take a first time date.
The woods. ((Just kidding)) but, the park for a little stroll after a nice dinner. it’s semi-private, comfortable to get a nice conversation going and before you know it, holding hands and laughing at the duck pond.
4. Most memorable moment in your life.
When I found out that one COULD actually bring forth an unexplained ‘energy’ into our own realm. I was 16 and just HAD to try, as gramm’s had told me many stories of our heritage and unexplained events. First and last time I have used my ((coughs)) ‘gift?’ … the attic of Grams, where I stayed for a spell ((hehe)) is STILL with that energy. My aunt has rented the duplex for the past 28 years and renters have never stayed too long. They’ve painted over my ‘original art’ lol, but even wall paper won’t stick for long and primer/paint stills shows faint etchings … Paneling has stopped that, of course and a tenant for the past 5 years loves the fact there is a ‘ghost in the attic,’ if you will. At holidays I always jokingly get “Dino, when will you go get rid of your thing in gramma’s attic” … They are crazy. It will be pissed I left it there that long.
5. Most embarrassing moment.
At age 15. I had a diving competition and my sister had a sleep over the night before. I was doing awesome and the place was packed. Many people all smiling at me and I thought I was doing extremely well and they were all amazed at my talent. Until, the second dive in, I looked down at my toes – they were painted a deep PINK with sparkly accent! I have not forgiven my sister and her friends – to this day – for that.
6. Favourite room in your house.
My bedroom ((laughs)) of course!
7. A TV programme you never miss.
Grimm, Penny Dreadful, NCIS and Person of Interest
8. A real person living or dead you wish you could meet.
Clair De Lune. She enthralls and inspires me. I wish to seduce her with my charms, lol.  (Oh I can’t wait!!)

9. Superstitious?
Let’s just say ‘professionally curious, yet extremely cautious to that which is -as of yet- unexplained.
10. Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?
Yes I do ((winks)) I promise I will have a Heart on, for ya ((wicked evil grin)) lol
That was a fascinating interview Dennis and I enjoyed it. It explains a lot!! Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions and find the photos. I know how busy you are. 






  1. You’re quite welcome, Clair – it’s nice to share my secrets with you ((laughs)) anytime you wish to know more, a ‘tit for tat’ would be more than welcome, as you truly fascinate and enchant me, in every way. I look forward to reading your newest release soon, btw. xx


    1. Thank you Dennis. I loved your answers and I look forward to hearing what you think of the new book xx


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