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Suzy Shearer
Book two of Dark Desires

cravings mastered


Her Cravings Mastered – released 7th March. There is 15% discount until 14th March.
[Siren Sensations: Erotic Consensual BDSM Romance, shibari, spanking, flogging, sex toys, HEA]
When Jessica Williams escaped an abusive relationship with a sadistic Dom in her late twenties, she vowed to never get involved with dominant men again. For the past fifteen years she has never had a relationship. Instead she dates meek, mild, safe men who she knows can never satisfy her—but at least she knows they can’t dominate her.
Estranged from her father, haunted by her past, filled with fear—can she ever learn to trust again, to love again?
But now she has met Aiden Dowling—a confident, attractive Dom.
Can she allow one man to control her again and hope that he won’t abuse that trust?
Jessica has buried the pain, the humiliation, and the abuse so deep even she won’t believe it. Now she has to decide whether it’s time to either come face to face with her fears and her past or else ignore the chance of happiness Aiden offers.

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“Ah, Ms. Williams.”
A man stood.
Jessica felt it immediately as he moved from behind an enormous desk, to stand in front of her, his hand outstretched. He moved toward her and as she grasped his hand she felt a shock of electricity.
“Lovely to meet you.” His voice was deep, rich and very sexy. “I’m Aiden Dowling.”
She licked her lips as she shook his hand and said ‘hello’.
Suddenly she had the urge to take the pins holding the tight severe bun in place and shake her hair free. To undo the buttons on her crisp white shirt. He was sex in the flesh and she was reacting all the way from her toes to her hair. Between her legs, a sudden ache developed and she knew she was getting wet just seeing him.
Aiden Dowling towered over her, he looked to be around 6’8. She knew from the company website that he was fifty-two but he looked younger. She could see he was muscular. His body had that grace of a well-toned athlete. His hair was cut short at the back and sides but the top was longer with a cowlick that fell forward. She had the urge to brush it from his forehead. His face had a rugged beauty. This man wasn’t classically handsome instead he exude power, strength and confidence. He had a chiselled jaw, a firm chin. Although he was clean shaven, there was a hint of a ‘five o’clock’ shadow.
But it was his eyes that held Jessica spellbound.
They were pale green and Jessica felt they saw her as she truly was. They tore passed the cool facade she wore and instead delved deep into her soul.
It shook her.
The power he exuded was on so many levels—business, confidence, domination and sexuality.
This man would take no prisoners. He would over-power any opposition. He would stalk his prey and make them his own.
Jessica knew instantly that she had just become his prey.
He led her to a setting of low slung sofas and asked her to sit. She felt trapped. She felt this was beyond her control and from this point onward her life would never be the same. They both sat, Jessica putting her case alongside her seat. A knock on the huge doors and the stern woman entered with a tray. She poured out coffee for Aiden and then one for Jessica before setting the tray on a table and leaving the room.
“So Ms. Williams I’m looking forward to working with you.”
Jessica was sure there was a double meaning to his simple sentence. She smiled and tried to look relaxed despite her heart beating so fast.
“And exactly what is it that you need Hard Bytes for Mr. Dowling?”
“Aiden. Please called me Aiden.”
She acknowledge his request with a nod. As she watched he immediately slipped into business mode.
“I’m concerned about the safety of our designs. Recently another company produced plans so similar to ours that I wondered if we’d been compromised. I don’t have to tell you that in this, and any business, espionage is alive and well.”
“Do you suspect one of your staff or are you concerned with your actual computer security.”
“The computers.”
“Okay. My staff and I will need access of course. I have prepared a contract for you to read, basically it says we promise not to reveal anything to anyone but you and-or your nominees. We also promise to advise you of all security problems we discover and suggestions on how to solve them. If you choose not to take our advice and are in anyway compromised, basically then that’s your problem.”
She opened her briefcase and pulled out the document, handing it across to him.
“I’ll get my legal team to look over it.”
“I’m guessing you want us to start as soon as possible?”
“Of course. I’ll arrange for security passes for you and your team.”
“Can you hang off on that? One of the first things we like to do is see just how secure your building is. I know you have guard at the front gate, how do your staff enter?”
“There’s a separate entrance for staff. They have swipe cards. They are logged in and out the building. Any doors have a swipe security lock. The cards have a photograph of the employee, their name. Each one has both a barcode on it and the magnetic security strip for door access.”
“We also have smart cards for those who work in specialised areas. So those employees, as well as having the swipe technology on their card, also have a memory chip embedded into them for additional security.”
“I have something to start with then. Do you have the details of your computer systems? I asked your CEO, Trevor Ward to have them when we arranged the appointment.”
He pointed to a folder on the table.
“All in there.”
“Thank you.”
Jessica took a mouthful of coffee. She noticed her hands were unsteady. This man was getting under her skin. He looked over his coffee cup at her and she was sure he knew exactly how she was reacting to him. She took another mouthful and put the cup down, picking up the folder.
Opening it, she glanced down at the contents. Everything she’d asked for was there. For her own safety she wanted to get out there as quickly as possible.
“I’ll ring Trevor and arrange things with him.”
“No. I’ll give you my number.” Jessica looked at him startled then dropped her eyes. “You’ll deal directly with me Ms. Williams.” The look he gave her was dominating.
“I’ll be in charge.”
In the pit of her stomach, Jessica felt a sudden jolt at those four innocent words. Visions of lying bound underneath him flashed across her mind. She could almost feel his hands running across her naked body. She bit her lips and knew she had flushed.
She looked at him. He raised an eyebrow and gave a slow sexy smile.
He knew!

He watched her face, suffused pink with arousal. The mark from the bastard almost blending with her excitement. He’d fingered her after clamping those tits. She was soaking, he loved it.
What to do to her?
He pulled a chair over, sat down and lifted one of her legs, placing her foot on the chair beside him. That was better, now he had better access, a better view. She wavered a bit as she gathered her balance but he was so proud, she hadn’t opened her eyes or dropped her hands.
He only had to bend his head slightly and taste her. He loved the rich creamy taste of her. Sweet, thick. He relished her, licking and slurping as he drank her juices. She was trying to keep quiet but he could hear her soft little mewls. He grinned to himself as he drank.
He pushed two fingers inside her delightful cunt.
Looking up he caught her smile.
“Answer. Who owns this cunt?”
His voice sounded gruff to his ears.
“You, Sir!”
Tell me again.”
“You own my cunt, Sir.”
“Damn right I do!”
He spread her juices up and down from her arse cheeks to her clit. He watched her face, her eyes tightly closed. This was the final trust, the one he been working toward for many months. To have her with her eyes closed, as if she wore a blindfold.
He pushed a finger into her cunt while he went back to sucking her clit. He felt her move her pelvis closer to his mouth, He decided to ignore that transgression. With his fingers well lubricated from her, he rubbed them up and down, each time spending more and more time rubbing his thumb on her arsehole.
He wanted to prove to her being deprived of sight could be a wonderful experience. That the horrors she suffered were nothing like the delights he could give her.
She was subconsciously moving her hips more and more as his mouth continued sucking and nipping. He used his other hand to hook and rub her g-spot. Pushing one then two fingers into her. The thumb continued pressing against her arse.
He’d reminded her of her safe word, told her if she felt fear she could open her eyes and she wouldn’t be punished.
A third finger went into her cunt. He began moving them in and out, his mouth trying to match the rhythm. She held her hips close to his mouth, trying to get him to do more. He obliged. He began taping the g-spot, wriggling his fingers, pushing his tongue into her then sucking her clit.
She moaned.
That was his signal. He pushed his thumb against the tight rosette. It slid partly inside. She tensed then relaxed as his tongue and other fingers continued. A little more he pushed a little deeper in. He taken her in the arse a few times and knew how much she enjoyed it. After being reminded today of what that bastard had done to her, he wanted to remind her of how much she enjoyed having her arse filled the right way.
Her moans were getting louder. She had forgotten his order to be silent but he didn’t care. He wanted this, wanted her to forget everything but her body’s sensations. His thumb was into the first joint. He began moving it in and out. He changed to insert a few fingers.
She began to move in the same rhythm.
He fucked her arse with his fingers and her cunt with his fingers and mouth. She tensed, he felt her foot alongside him curl into the seat, he glanced into her face. She scrunched it up, trying to concentrate on holding back her climax. He increased the speed of his hands.
Her groans were louder now.
He knew she was beyond control. Aiden decided this was it, it was time. He gave the order.
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