A Highland Christmas

Take one depressed sub and a caring Dom. Transport them to fairy-tale castle in the remote Scottish highlands. Throw in a mix of old friends with new problems and you have a Highland Christmas.


Master Angus plans a surprise for Jane, who is depressed after her operation. At first she is resentful because she is going to miss her family and the usual Christmas celebrations, but she soon discovers that Master knows best, when unexpected guests arrive to cheer her up.
Can Jane forget her own problems and help her friends to solve theirs? Will Master Llewellyn and his friends avert disaster when his children get lost in the woods in a snow storm? Can Master Prometheus and his pregnant Jenny reach shelter in time?

Christmas 3

Latest in the Prometheus in Chains series..


“Now, mo run, I am going to make love to you like I haven’t done for a while.” He led her over to the bed. Her limbs began to shake from arousal and anticipation. He picked up his bag from the floor and took out a soft leather belt. He fastened it securely but not too tightly around her waist.
“For the last few weeks I have been very gentle with you, first because of your operation, then because you seemed to prefer it that way. I haven’t heard the sounds I love to hear coming from your mouth. No!” He put a finger to her lips to stop whatever reply she had been going to make.
“I do know why, and I understand. Tonight you belong to me. I want your sighs moans, pants, and sobs, and you aren’t having the use of your hands to prevent them.” As he spoke, he took first one wrist then the other and wrapped them carefully in the soft leather cuffs attached to the belt. He checked each wrist to make sure the binding was not too tight and she was comfortable. He helped her up onto the bed and settled her with her head and shoulders propped on the pillows and her legs apart. Jane was trembling, and she felt the moisture pool in her pussy and slip down her thighs.
“Are you comfortable, my little darling? I know your hip has healed, but if at any time you are in discomfort from it, I must know at once.”
He broke off one perfect, apricot rose, and making sure there were no thorns to pierce her tender flesh, he placed the rose behind her ear and kissed the tip of her nose. Then he went over to the other side of the bedroom and very slowly pulled his shirt off over his head, folding it before he placed it carefully on the chair. Jane’s breath hitched. She loved the sight of him naked. She knew he loved to tease her. His hand headed for the strap of his sporran, and he took it off and placed it on top of the shirt. He didn’t look at her, but Jane knew
he was aware of her breathing and her every reaction to him.
He unbuckled his kilt and folded it carefully, placing it over the back of the chair. Lifting one foot onto the chair, he unlaced his brogues, pushing his woollen stockings down and off his foot with the shoe. He removed the Scott tartan flashes from the stocking, carefully inserting them both into his shoe. Jane got tantalising glimpses of his balls as he bent over, just as she knew he’d intended. She began to pant. He repeated the operation with the other foot.
Jane was wriggling and squirming in her impatience, and she heard him chuckle. He turned to face her after retrieving something from his bag. As he walked to the bed, she saw something black dangling from his hand, but her eyes were drawn to the engorged cock that bobbed from the nest of black and silver hairs at his groin. The head was fat, shiny, and purple. The long, ropey vein throbbed, and pearly drops escaped from his slit. She licked lips gone suddenly dry.
“I want to blindfold you now, mo run,” he growled. He placed the black scarf over her eyes, and she lifted her head to help him as he tied it. She settled back down on the pillows as he sat on the bed beside her. She listened avidly to what he was doing. There was a snap of some plastic lid, and then she gasped as a cold cream was smoothed over both her breasts. His long, strong fingers soothed her as he smeared whatever it was until it covered her to his satisfaction. Then she caught the sound of the lid being replaced and another being removed. Something was placed on each nipple.
He chuckled and removed the blindfold. She saw her breasts were mounds of white cream with a cherry on each nipple. She watched him as, looking her in the eyes, he bent to lick the cream off. She arched her back and moaned as his tongue rasped over her. His mouth closed over the cherry, and he took it into his mouth, sucking in her nipple at the same time. He nipped the tip between his teeth, and holding it there, he flicked his tongue back and forth then suckled hard, and she shrieked.
“Ah how I have missed that,” Angus said with a sigh, releasing her nipple with a ‘plop’ and turning his attentions to her other breast. Jane was writhing under him. She panted and sobbed, but he wouldn’t go faster. He’d said he was going to make her scream, and scream she did as he suckled the other nipple and nipped at it with his strong teeth. He moved between her thighs and held them apart with his shoulders. He pushed her knees up as far as he knew was comfortable for her, exposing her open pussy for his delight. His mouth descended on her clit as his fingers penetrated her pussy, stroking over her G-spot. Her head thrashed from side to side. Her sobbing moans filled the air. His fingers thrust in and out of her pussy, twisting and scissoring until she begged.
“Please, Master, please. Make me come. I can’t wait.”
His mouth was on her clit, his tongue flicking over the swollen, needy, little bud. Then came a strong suckle, and she shrieked as she reached her climax. He drove her on to a second one. Lights flashed behind her eyelids. Pleasure flooded her. Her limbs shook and she trembled as she rode out her release. When the after-shocks had ceased, Angus gathered her into his arms and held her close to his chest.

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