Win a free ebook

To mark the release of Catriona’s Golden Angel on Wednesday of this week , I am offering a free

Prometheus in Chains Book 6

ebook of your choice, back catalogue or future release. Just answer the following question:

What is my favourite colour?

There will be a draw in the event of several people guessing correctly. Leave your answers in a comment or email me at [email protected]

Good luck


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Born in South Yorkshire, now retired and recently taken to writing novels. I am married with a grown up family and four beautiful grandchildren. I love Heavy Metal and play it loudly around the house. I love sewing and reading and hate ironing and gardening. I swim twice a week and spend some hours of every day writing
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2 comments on “Win a free ebook

  1. Robin Womack on said:

    Wow lets see what is your favorite color??? I’m going to go with yellow. Mine is green. Thanks again for the recommendation, totally NOT disappointed.

    Thanks for everything,

  2. jonas wyatt on said:

    *sratching head* emerald?


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