Interview with Master Angus

Clair : Good afternoon Master Angus. So nice of you to agree to answer my questions. Can I give you a cup of tea?

Angus: Yes please and some of that delicious chocolate chip shortbread  I see you have there. I am happy to help in any way I can, my dear. Ask away.

Clair : Do help yourself. Tell us something about yourself please.

Angus: I was left to oversee the twin’s Alexander and Ruari when their parents died .I am very close to the two of them and it was no surprise to me that they chose a ménage. They had girlfriends before but they were never really happy when only one of them was involved. We all lived in Scotland then. I came south to further my business interests. I took over an existing lingerie company and decided to develop it in my own way.

Clair: Why did you chose to call it Curvy Woman?

Angus : I prefer curves. Stick thin bony women do nothing for me. Jane is a lovely woman but she had issues with her her shape all because of the current obsession with being thin. Don’t get me wrong. I am not in favour of her being over-waight but she isn’t. She just thought she was. I don’t like extremes of any sort. Jane has helped with the development of lines for generously endowed ladies. They have been a great success and Emma’s designs are very popular.

Clair: When did you decide to set up a BDSM club?

Angus : I wasn’t really my idea. I met Jack Robinson in Davy Jones’s Locker where I met my first wife, Charlotte. One night  Jack and I were sitting talking about what we would like to see in a BDSM club when he suggested we start one. I have little time so I said I’d put up the backing if he set it up and ran it. His Dom name was Prometheus and when he found a venue we decided in the end to call it Prometheus in Chains. The partnership has been very successful.

Clair :  What about Jane’s role in the club?

Angus : Bless her she can’t help being a mother hen. All the subs go to her with their problems and concerns. She’s a grandmother so all the young mothers go with their questions and worries. She loves it. She has changed the atmosphere of the club. Instead of being members of a club we feel we are a family and we offer help to any who need it. Not the usual set-up but then Jane is not the usual sub.

Clair:  That causde you problems in the past didn’t it?

Angus : Yes I am a dominant male and I like my own way. She knows that but she was a teacher and used to being in charge. When she got over the depression, brought on by the death of her first husband, her feisty nature re-asserted itself and we had clashes of wills. We worked out a way of living together which suits us and we are happier and closer because of that. Gloria was a great help to Jane ibn understanding what was needed. Jane was able to ask her the sort of questions she hesitated to put to me. Jane has been a great comfort to me lately. The story is in ” Shock for Master Angus.”

Clair : That story will be released on June 18th. Was it such a great shock to you Master Angus?

Angus: (Chuckling) Oh yes it was, Clair, as you well know. Nevertheless I am well-content with the way things have turned out in the end. I don’t want to spoil anyone’s enjoyment by saying more.

Clair : Ok I am so pleased to see you in the full Highland rig-out. My lady readers wiould love to know if you do wear anything at all under it.

Angus : Now my dear, surely you don’t expect me to reveal all my secrets do you? Shall we just say I am a very traditional Scot. (winking)

Clair  : (blushing) Well in that case we’d better just go on to other questions.

Angus : My dear Clair. I see you are blushing. That is indeed a triumph for me.

Clair : Yes. well it’s not often that I get to interview a Dominant like yourself. Now can I ask you about your interests?

Angus : I swim a couple of times a week with Jane. It’s doing her the world of good. She can’t get enough visits to Castles and stately homes and country houses . I don’t mind as the cream teas are usuallyvery good.

Clair : Do you enjoy music?

Angus: Yes I do. I like Donnie Munro, Runrig, Capercaillie and Karen Mathieson. I love the bagpipes and the marching bands. Jane loves the Yorkshire brass bands like the Black Dyke Mills. She loves Heavy Metal too, luckily so do I. We like some classical music, generally everything but  po and  jazz.

Clair :  Do you have any ambitions left ot fulfil?

Angus : Yes I do but if I tell you what it is it will give away the3e plot of your new book.

Clair : Yes I see. Then I think I can guess what it is and I hope you get your wish. Maybe we will all find out in your next story which I hope to have written to be released at Christmas.

Angus: Jane will be delighted with that news, and for once, I shall be able to tell her a tidbit of news that she hasn’t heard. I shall enjoy teasing her. Do you have a title yet?

Clair : Not really. I have a couple of ides but nothing certain yet.

Angus : Jane loves all the fuss at Christmas. She starts on the 1st of December and finishes on January 6th. Hogmanay is a big holiday in Scotland you know. Everyone gets a lot of presents and she spends hours with lists and wrapping paper etc. I just sit back and let her do as she likes and enjoy the view.

Clair : What do you mean?

Angus : Surely you haven’t forgotten? She can wear no knickers and there’s a lot of bending and stretching involved.

Clair : Really Master Angus!

Angus : ( a crack of laughter) Ah I made you blush again. Really Clair and you write erotic novels.

Clair : As I said before it’s not often I get the chance to interview a Dom.

Angus: I could put in a good word for you with the others at the club. How about Torquil or Llewellyn?

Clair : I have one Welsh reader who would love to know more about Master Llewellyn.

Angus : Well then I will try and convince him. Now my dear I must go. I have a meeting and they are going to pull my leg for wearing the kilt anyhow, so I’d better not be late.

Clair : Thank you for answering my questions so frankly.

Angus : It was my pleasure. (Kisses Clair on the cheek and leaves)



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